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Play Center Desk



For young

artists ..

Double Easel

complete with

paint, chalk

and accessories


A complete starter set for

use b y 1 or 2 children at

the same t ime. Each side

adjusts to accommodate

different heights. 16x24·in.



chalkboards on

both sides. 1 deep box-type

utility trough on one side

and grooved chalk tray on

the other.

Closed, it's a chalkboard with easy-to-read numbers

and alphabet. Open, it's a peg table with mallet and

gear-disc pegs. Reverse side of chalkboard has out–

lined figures on white enamel for painting. Console

with pegboard and clock with movable hands. Steel

frame, durable plastic bucket style seat. Includes 36

alphabet pegs, chalk, eraser, paint set. About

30x2lxl7 in. high. Unassembled.

Includes 4 jars of paint, 2

mixing pans, paint brush,

palette, 2 artist clips, chalk,

eraser, cra yons, paper.

Wooden frame about 48-in.

high. Sent partly assem–

bled. Put it together in


nutes without tools. Sent

freight (rail or truck) or ex–

i-ess. Shipping


15 lbs.

79 N 90078N ..Set $12.99

79 N 90099C-Shipping weight 13 lbs. . .. . . . $ 13.99

Funny Pumper Set


A do-it yourself, toy-making toy. J ust

squeeze Play-Doh


through spe cial

molds to make funny figures. Four 6-oz.

cans of Play-Doh, 6 molds and plastic

Funny Pumper. For boys and girls, ages

3 to 10 years.

49 N 1617-Shpg.


5 lbs. ..Set $5.87



Make pictu r es using Play-Doh. Roll out

Play-Doh. Use plastic cutters to make any

one of 15 shapes. Press 'em out . . match

'em up. Set contains six 2-oz. cans of Play–

Doh (assorted colors), 12 plastic colored pic–

ture cards, rolling pin. For ages 3 and up.

49 N 16036-Shpg.


l lb. 2 oz. .Set $2.49

The Color Machine

Put a few drops of Playnts washable paint in

machine, place paper and stencil in, close lid,

turn h andle. A fine mist of paint is sprayed

across stencil to form design. 6 plastic stencil

sheets, three 2-oz. drip-resistant bottles ofpaint,

paper, napkins, instruction book. Plastic.

49·N 1610-Shippingweight l lb....Set $3.99

Super Silly Sand


Build castles, dress up sand people with 5 packages of col–

ored sa nd. Non-toxic sand can be used over again. Mix

with water. Includes 6 cut-out 4-in. plastic figures, squeeze

bottles, spoons, cups, wires, tray, Silly Circle. Instructions.

49 N 16 13-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 3 oz. . .. . ....Set $3.69


Set. 4 bags of sand and one Silly Circle.

49 N 16259-Shipping weight 14 ounces . .. . . . . . .Set 99c

Just add water .. shape

and paint a menagerie with

"Instant" Paper Miiche

6 projects for amateur sculptors . Paper

mache is pte-mixed, just add water. There's

nothing extra to buy. Includes six 51,4-inch

animal forms of heavy cardboard, 8 ounces

of paper mache mixture, 8 water color tab–

lets and artist brush, glaze and instructions.

49 N 16034-Wt. llb. 12 oz. . ....Set $2.49