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as choo-choo

circles track

TinyTrain Top

Push the plunger to wind up top, and watch this colorful train

chug merrily along its track inside. Listen to the humming

sound as top spins. Made of metal and plastic. Top measures


inches high, 8 inches in diameter.

49 N 4415--Shipping weight 1pound8 ounces . . ... . . .. . $2.49

P lay a merry tune, old or new,

on our Musical Rail road

without batteries

Children can play familiar tunes or create their own songs. Track

features 32 color-coded notes that you arrange so engine can play

any song in the 4 page full color illustrated instruction book in–

cluded. Or play a happy tune with the mallet. Engine is 71!. inches

long. 4-section track forms 20-inch circle. Plastic and metal. Uses 1

"D" battery. Order package below.

49 N 44079--Shipping weight 3 pounds . ... . .. . .... . ... .. $4.49

" D" Batteries. Package of6.

49 N8405--Shipping weight 1 pound 8 ounces ... . ... Pkg. $1 .49

458 Sears


W ind-up Ferris W heel .

it plays " School Days"

Crank, d rum, strum, even

bump it . . Carry-A-Tune

Wind the knob and this colorful fer–

ris wheel turns as the char acters

swing to and fro. Music plays for 2

minutes. Plastic base; acetate dome.

Measures 8x4x8 inches high.

An introduction to musical sounds.

Incl. dr um a nd drum stick, guitar,

xylophone, mallet, 3-note whistle

pump organ, and crank-type music

box. 12V.. in. long. Plastic, metal.

49 N 44371 - Wt. l lb. 3 oz.... $3.99

49 N 4543-Wt. 1 lb. 12 oz. . . . $3.99

It's a music box

. . a lunch box .

a t reasure chest

Just wind key on

bottom, and this col–

or ful schoo lh ouse

plays pre-recorded

dinner music. Open

roof to find plenty

of space inside for a

king-si ze snack or

your child's favorite

treasures . Stron g

pl astic . Measu res

7 x 6x6 % inch es

high. For ages 3 to

7\12 years.

Shpg. wt. 15 oz.

49 N 44201 . . $3.99

Baby Grand Piano

25 keys color-coded to music

Your child can actually play 'on this pi–

ano . Has 2 full oct aves of 25 pla stic

keys, e ven sharps and flats. With the

color-coded song book and chart, learn–

ing to play familiar tunes is a "cinch."

Or let your child compose new songs.

Cast iron tone bar. Dar k finish wood.

Pl a s t ic le g s. Mea s ure s about

13'hx12'l!i x6 in. high.

49 N66507-Wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz. ... .. $4.99

Type-A-Tune Typewriter ..

easy to play because keys

and notes are color-matched


Just match 8 colored keys to music

notes, and play a simple tune .

Gives clear tones that sound much

like a xylophone. Helps teach

numbers, finger dexterity. Made o

hi-impact plastic and metal. Com!¥!

with 8 children's songs. ll 'hxllx5

in. high. For ages 3 to 10.

49 N 4444--Shpg.


2 lbs. . $3.32

15 keys color-coded to music

Youngsters learn to match colors

and play their favorite tunes at

the same time. Sturdy wood con–

struction with ivory finish.

Screw-in plastic legs. Measures

11'hxllx6 inches high. Music

book included. Buy it the easy

way--0rder by phone.

Shipping weight 3 lbs. 2 oz.

49 N 66535 . ... .. . . .... . . $2.87