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Use as flash cards to teach numbers, or Jet child use

them as building blocks. Even teach him how to play a

real game by matching dots. Set of28 dominoes, each a

big 2:Y..x:Y..x5'h inches high. Made of pine wood. Fin–

ished in brilliant white with black dots.

49 N 44 21 4-Shipping weight 5 pounds 8 oz.. .. $6.49

Keep toddler busy and happy in car,

stroller, or at home with Busy Driver


dashboard just like daddy's with 10 different things

to do .. blow horn, open door, turn steering wheel,

shift gears, push buttons, look in mirror, turn gas cap

.. more. Has ignition key, simulated clock, glove com–

partment. Tubular steel attachment that snaps on car

seats and strollers easily. 16:Y.. x8


h x7 in. All plastic.

49 N 44133-Shippingweight 2 lbs. 8 oz.... . . .. $4.87

Playskool's Dressy Bessy

and Dapper Dan teach you

how to dress yourself

"Baby Sitter" Shoofly

with play beads

and safety belt

Rocks gently back and forth to

soothe baby. Play beads under

"see-thru" front tray hold ba–

by's attention . _or put his


vorite toys on tray for



pla y with . Colorful plast ic



with nursery

decals. Adjusta ble safety belt

holds him securely in seat.

Measures 15 inches h igh. 30

inches long. Seat 12 in. wide.

Wt. lllbs.

79 N 4428L. . . ... . . . -.. $10.99

Jingle Bell Rocker

Perfect size for the "little ones" ..

only 4


inches from the floor to

saddle. Bell on nose jingles as baby

rides along. Made of pinto-painted

wood with hand grips. 19 inches

long. Shipped unassembled.

49 N 4427-Wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz.. $2.99



Horn beeps . . wagon clicks as it rolls along.

Column swings forward to pull toy, back–

ward to push or ride it. Filled with 18 plas–

tic building blocks in different shapes, 6

wood dowels to fit into them. Plastic seat.

Steel axles. 20 in. long, 11 in. wide.

79 N 44354C-Shpg.


6 lbs. . . . . . .


Swiss music box

plays Brahms


as your

chil d rocks

Charming cartoon characters make learning fun

Dressy Bessy teaches the girls what they need to know about buttoning,

buckling, snapping, zipping and tying girls' clothes. Dapper Dan teaches the

boys. They even teach the difference between buttoning girls and boys'

clothes. After play time is over, your child can put his new knowledge to

work by showing you he can dress himself. Made ofsuede cloth, fine cottons,

and knit back wet-look vinyls. Stuffed with DuPont Dacron



Musical Circus Pony Rocker_ . 24 inches long

Here's a pony to


proud of. Bright, colorful, and equipped with

an imported Swiss music box. Plastic streamers and wooden

spinners on front bar keep child


as he rides along.

Made of strong, molded plastic that's easy to wipe clean. Safety

strap holds tot securely in his seat. Measures 17 inches high, 12

inches wide, 24 inches long.

Buy it the easy way--0rder by phone.

79 N 44056C-Shipping weight 7 pounds .... _... . ...... $8.77

49 N 16187-Dressy Bessy. 15x3'hx20 in. tall. Shpg.


15 oz... - . - . - . $5.87

49 N 16188-Dapper Dan. 15x3'hx20 in. tall. Shpg.


15 oz.. .... - . - . 5.87