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Set sold only



at Sears

Our st ron gest and biggest Wood Workbench

wi th ou r best Tool and Hardware Set

plus Wren House and Bird Feeder Kits

The junior craftsman can get a good

start in all his building projects and

carpentry repairs with this workshop.

Tool rack has outlined drawings to

help child keep every tool in place.

Wren house and bird feeder kits are

included as "starter" sets.

Wood bench 29 inches high; work

area 18x32 inches wide. Overall

height 44 inches. Tools include ham–

mer, saw with 4 blades, coping saw

with 4 blades, gear-driven drill with 9

bits, 2 screwdrivers, 1 pair pliers,




1 awl, 1 chisel, adjustable wrench, "C"

clamp, try square with 7-inch rule and

level, compass with pencil, block

plane, carpenter's pencil, 10 sheets

sandpaper, approximately 100 nails

and screws, 6-foot folding rule, 24-page

project book. Entire set shipped partly


Bench, Project Kits and Tools.

79 N 9010 1C-Wt. 29 lbs..Set $23.99

Bench, Project Kits only (no tools).

79 N 901 0 2C-Shpg. wt. 21 lbs. $12.99

30-pc. Tool Set in handy

plastic carrying case

Set contains most of the tools

you'll need to get started on build–

ing many projects.

Includes saw, try square, coping

saw with 5 blades, mallet, screw–

driver, claw hammer, pliers, ruler,

pencil, wrench, sandpaper block

with 8 pieces of sandpaper, sweep

brace, 2 brace bits and triangle.

Also 24-page project book with

lots of ideas for the young crafts–

man . Chest 12'hx6x4¥.. inches

high. Shippini weight 2


13 oz.

49 N90088 ....

: ..

.....Set $4.99

Setsold only

at Sears ·

Junior Workshop with Workbench,

Tools, Weathervane, Name Sign Kits

Most of the tools you need to start building projects. In–

cludes claw hammer, saw, hand


with 9 bits, coping saw

with 4 blades, try square, chisel, screwdriver, pliers, level,

tape measure, nails and screws, hooks, sandpaper, 24-page

project book. 24xl4x36-inch wood workbench with rack.

79N90103C-Partly assembled. Shpg.


19 lbs..Set $ 16.99


Works with real wood . . runs on electricity

Works as



Complete 40-pc.


outfit includes tools

Just plug in, Power Shop is ready to work to help



out airplanes, cars, boats, tractors and many other toys (see

pictures above).


on 110--120 volt, 60 cycle AC, UL list–

ed. Lathe tool stays stable, "off" switch keeps motor from

burning out. Strong all-metal construction. Set includes 4-

tools-in-1 unit,


saw blades, sanding discs, tool bits, pat–


balsa and pine wood, glue, kits for making toys, in–



hi-impact plastic store-all tool case. Unit is

16¥.. inches long, 6 inches wide, 7'h inches high.

49 N 90104-Shippingweight 9 lbs. 8 oz....... .Set $12.99

Wood Refill Kit to make more great toys.

49 N 9!>105-Shippingweight 1lb. 10 oz...... . ..Kit $1 .99