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There's nothing else like


Three colorful plastic pieces interlock to make

dozens of rugged toys .. it's sold only at Sears

Here's a really exciting toy .. so versatile a child won't tire of it quickly. It's

strong enough


take lots of punishment and years of play. Kids can ma ke

different toys by arranging the three pieces that


together easily. Side inserts

let child hold on, and there are no rough edges. Polyethylene won't mar furni–

ture, won't rust. Blue, orange and green pieces, each about 28 inches long, 12

inches wide, 10 inches high. Includes nylon cord for use as rein.

79 N 89402N-Shipping weight 17 pounds ......... ........ .... . ...... $ 18.99

Jim Gym® Jr.

Makes healthful exercise

more fun and

ifs strong enough

for two youngsters


Indoor/ outdoor exercise

gym helps child develop

strength and coordina–

tion. Unique A-frame of

tubular s teel has r e d

baked enamel finish. Sup–

ports 300 lbs. Includes

rubber tips for indoor use

and swinging hand grips

of 1100-lb. test nylon rope

and hardwood . Comes

completely a ssembled,

ready to use. Folds flat

for storage . Open size

40x40x46 in. long.

Shipping weight 23


79 N 89406N .... $11 .99

Barrel o' Fun

Strong enough

for rough play . .

big enough for

storing your toys

Bright yellow barrel is lots of fun. Climb inside, roll around.

Hide in it or use it for



can even


a wast.ebasket,

table, or seat. Tough polyethylene has no sharp edges so it

won't mar furniture or floors.


eaaily and



or outdoors. 18:d8x24 inches high.

79 N 89407N-Shippingweight 7 pounds .. ... . .. ..... $7.99

Cuf $1.12

Step 'n Slicle


to b e



Bright orange-rolored play unit is made of rugged polyethlene

plastic that's molded in one piece. Tots can


the steps,

slide down, crawl through the "tunnel." No sharp edges ..

won't cut child or mar furniture or floors and it won't



left outdoors. 28x15'kx19'h inches high.

79 N89404N-Shipping weight 10 pounds . . . ..... . ..


The greatest ride ever


Rock back and forth, or roll all the way over. Aerobat is egg–

shaped so you control the roll. It even has footrests and slots

for hands. Smooth tangerine-colored polyethylene goes in–

doors or out. About 35x29x12 inches wide.

79 N 89403N-Shipping weight 18 pounds . .. ... ..... $16.99

SHIPPING NOTE. BOTH PAGES: All items ending with


(as 79 N 89402N) sent freight (rail or truck) or express.