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"The horse that grows

with the child"

Sold only at Sears ..

a beautiful roan colt

that talks to you



38-inch long




Fury "runs" like the wind, and can't wait to take you for a

ride. Frame adjusts to change saddle height from 29 to 33

in. Molded of polyethylene, western-style saddle, blanket,

vinyl reins. Tubular steel frame with plastic end caps and

steel springs. Partly assembled. 50x24x47 in. high. Ages

two to six. Shipped by freight (rail or truck) or express.

79 N 89005N-Shipping weight 33 pounds ......


24-in. long Palomino

for younger riders


Beautiful golden pony is

just the right size for a lit–

tle cowboy or cowgirl. Sad–

dle is 17


high. Realisti–

cally styled in high-impact

polystyrene that's durable

and washable. Springs

have Protecto hooks and

give a wonderful ride. Tu–

bular steel frame is

33'hxl7 in. Plastic end caps

and "feet" to protect child,

floors . Partly assembled.

Slllpping wt. 11 lbs.

79 N 89001 C ...... .. $8.99

Stroller converts to

small Spring Horse


To change from infant

stroller, remove plastic

wheels and seat to allow

stationary play as child

grows. Bright, multico–

lored pony is 22 inches

long, has three-position

adjustable saddle height.

Rugged polystyrene body

with tubular steel frame

and safety springs. Over–

all size 28xl7x18 in. high.

Partly assembled.



10 lbs.

79 N 89006L . . . . . .$9.99






Hop into the saddle. Let this strawberry roan take you back to the old West. He even

talks . .

just pull the ring on his neck and he says six phrases. You can adjust frame to

raise saddle from 23


26'h in. Realistic body of high-impact polystyrene is durable and

washable. Western-type accessories, side bars for easy mounting. Tubular steel frame

has non-mar plastic "feet" to protect floors. Steel springs. Shipped partly assembled.

45x20'hx32 inches overall. Horse body is 28 inches long.

79 N 89003L-Shipping weight 21 pounds ..... . . . ...... . .... . .. . .. .. ........ $19.99

Pull the cord on

his blanket roll . .

this Horse whinnies

Go for a gallop on this realistic

golden horse that makes his

own horse sound as you ride

along. 36-inch body molded in

polystyrene, with bridle, reins,

blanket roll and saddle. Base is

tubular steel, with wooden step

plates for easy mounting .

Overall size 48x22x39 in. Seat

30 in. high. Partly assembled.

Shipped by freight (rail or

truck) or express.

Shipping weight 28 lbs.

79 N 89004N

. . . .$24.99

A spirited young Mustang

in a popular 26-inch size

Handsome buckskin horse is

sized for children from one

year up. He's 26 in. long, and

saddle is 24 in. high. Has real–

istic saddle, blanket, and reins.

His polystyrene body can take

a beating, yet washes easily.

Tubular steel base with mount–

ing bars that make it easy to

get on. Steel springs have


ty hooks. Plastic " feet" and

end caps protect child and

floors. Overall size 40x22V2x31

in. high. Partly assembled.

Shipping weight 17 pounds.

79 N 89002L . ... . .... .$ 13.99