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Skittle Bowl

Knock down


pi ns

J ust like bowli ng except you

knock down 10 pins with a

swinging ba ll. H igh-impact sty–

rene base; pins, pole, balls are

wood. Rules and score pad in–




in. higb.

Shipping weight



79 N65238C . . .......... $7.97

F igure with spring action arm

shoots like a real pro. 42%-in.

playing base with built-in scoring

device, 5U-in. high figure and 8

pucks (4 red, 4 black) included .

Plastic and metal.

79 N6547C- Wt. 6 lbs.. . . .. $7.97

Sliding·puck .

must bounc.e off

both ends ·

to score


Bounce Back


Any number can play. Send weighted

pu ck zooming .. hit both ends and

land on numbered circle. 25 points

wins! Plastic base (42x t 1



wide) with varnished playing sur–

face and graduated scoring positions;

79 N65472C- Wt. 4 lbs.. . .. .. $6.97

Toss Across Cut·


Toss your beaa



block· your opponent or s<ore

t's til:k-tack-toe with bean bags. Up to 8 peo–

ple can play. Player tosses his polka-dot bean

bag at one of 9 rotating squares on the

plastic playing field. Each square has blank,

X and


side. First to turn up 3 "X"s or

" ()''s in a row wins, Playing field (19xt9 in. )

and 8 hand -sized bean bags.

79 N65365C- Shipping weight 6 lbs.. .

$9~43 ·

Skittle Pool


. $1At~

Magic cue rest

keeps cue ba ll in place wh ile you aim

Table top pool played from a different angle offers new challenge.

Position cue ball in front of swinging ball and chain. Pull ball

back from metal arch and let it go. Plastic playing table with

felt surface, ball returns. 23 % x23


x3% inches. 10 numbered plas–

tic pool balls, ball rack and scoring counter indudcd.

79 N65471L-Shipping weight 11 pou nds.. .. . .. . . .. . ..... $14.97

Chan ge inserts on

all ey base.for game

you want t o pl ay

Everything you need to play shuffie

board, ring toss, obstacle pool, skill

ball and horseshoes. Or bowl , race

horses or cars. 8 games pri nted on

colorful inserts. Plastic and wood

accessories fo r playing the games.

Natural wood and hardboard alley

with a gravity ball return and bell.

52x t 1%x22 inches high. Shipped

freight (rail or truck) or express.

79 N65541 N-Shpg. wt. 10 lbs . .$7.97

Eight Games

in One