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Cut $2

40-inch Pool Table

• Automatic ball return

•Built-in dual-dial


• Sturdy, molded end panels with no-wobbl e legs

•Red bi ll iard cloth ove r 112-in.-thick composition bed





accessory set


Year around fun for beginners and "old pros." Well-proportioned 54x30x30-inch

high table with tough molded plastic frame and end panels. Billiard cloth surface,

same type as on our more expensive tables, provides smooth, even roll. Live-action

cushions. Adjustable leg levelers. Tubular aluminum legs fold for compact storage.

Sixteen 1


solid plastic balls, triangle, two 40-inch rubber-tipped wood cue

sticks. Partly assembled. Shipped freight (rail or truck) or express.

79 N65014N-Shipping weight J6 pounds.... .

. . ...... . .. . .. .. .. Set $49.99


Accessory Set. Includes wall rack (cue sticks, balls, triangle not incl.), 6 pocket

billiard inserts, and "bridge" unit for bumper pool. All plastic.

79 N65135C-Shipping weight 4 pounds.............. . . . ......... . .. Set $4.99

Two 40 -inch long Cue Sticks. Made of wood and rubber tipped.

79 N65016C-Shipping weight 2 pounds... . ........ . . .. . . ... . . .... Package 3.99

Our best


40-i nch Pool Table

with adiustable leg levelers

Built to play like the bigger tables. Heavy

).(-inch thick Masonite Prcsdwood® bed with

cloth surface for sure, even ball roll. Strong,

foldaway aluminum legs. Rotating leg

levelers make slight height ad justments

easy. Live-action cushions, built-in score–

keepers, and automatic ball return.




Folding tubular aluminum legs reinforced by wood–

graincd fini sh steel panel . Steel cross-bars help keep

playing bed flat. Steel frame with automatic ball return .

Smooth felt playing surface i · reinforced against warping

and sagging. Rubber bumpers, molded plastic pockets.

Sixteen I-in. solid plastic balls, two 30-in . wood cue

sticks, triangle, rules included. 40x22x29 in. high.

79 N65l36L- Sbpg. wt. 18 lbs.......... . ......


Dig 40x25-inch table stands 28 inthes high.

Complete with sixteen !-inch solid plastic

balls, triangle, two 30-incb wood cue sticks.

Shipped freight (rail or truck ) or express.

79 N65167N- Shipping wt. 19 lbs . .... $24.99