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• 36x21-inch rink with .new

gondola-style scoreboard·

•Goal score- indicator.

and puck return ·

• Clear plastic enclosure ·

behind each goal

•·Delayed-action face-off

All metal players are controlled by rods you push,

pull or twirl • . for passing, "skating,"· shooting.

Roving goalies save the puck from almost any angle:

Two "shotmakers" replace centers when you need

power. Score indicator button pops up when a goal

is scored .. push back down to eject puck. Includes

roller, magnetic·a·nd wooden pucks, team pennants,

referee. Snap-together assembly.

Hardboard and metal.

79 N6545L-Shipping weight 12 pounds : . . ... $15.99 .

Extra Players Set. "Form


own 10-team league

with 60 metal men.

49 -N65359-c-Shipping weight I lb..11 oz... Set $2.99

Sure Shot Hockey . simpl ified

game that's plenty of fun

Be the first player or team of players to

score ten goals. Colorful plastic game is

easy to play .. push and turn knobs to move

players about.- Game includes

play'.~g d11~:

four hockey players, two marble pu cks,

instructions. !2x18 inches long.

49 N65561-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz .. .. .. $4.44

Two-stick "shotmaker"'

for power-play hockey

.All-Star Hockey

Exciting 36-inch hockey

set has roving goalies

and delayed puck drop

Lots of fast action. Metal players·

"skate'" along slots in hardboard ·

and metal rink. You control steel

rods to skate, pass and shoot-.

Set has go11dola-style scoreboard

with delayed-action face-off, rov–

ing goalies that . move to block

shots. Wooden and -roiler pucks to

vary type .of play. Snaps



N· 65548L~Wt.

! ! lbs. .. $12.99 .

Sure Shot



Goofy Guard

blocks ·

your shot





on Bas-Ket

Shoot from 12 .positions

Play with up to six players or

alone. Sink shots -using six lever–

controllecl flippers. Paperboard ·

20x !2-i11. .court surface. Game in–

cludes scoreboards, fold-dow11 net

baskets, plastic ball, rules.

49 N6502-Sbpg. wt. 3


Pull down shooter's arms to lob the

ball up to the basket. Your opponent

pulls lever to . raise guard's arms,

block the shot. Timing's important.

Arms only stay up for a · moment.

Basket 15 in. high. Two basketballs.

Plastic: Use your


if you want

to order it the easiest way of all..

49 N65568'-Wt. 2 ·lbs. 8 oz.. ... $4.44

Players make the shots, move guards


with Pro-League Basketball

Ten metal players move on slide-action gear mecha11isms you

co11trol. Pull steel basket flippers to shoot: Steel-framed 36x23-

inch hardboard court. Scoreboard and clip-on "grandstand, "

backboards a11d baskets. Two plastic basketballs, rules incl.

79 N65273L-Shippin g weight 12 pounds. . .