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Was $9.99

These sturdy fellows are just as quick as you are. You handle

the controls as boxers in t he ring- feint, shift and look for an

opening. A quick jab to the opponent's jaw sets off a spring

mechanism that pops his head up .. you're a winner by a KO.

Press his head down to begin a new game. Plastic boxers are



h inches tall. Plastic ring measures 20xl7 inches. For 2


79 N 65119C- Shipping weight 6pounds........ .



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•• 2






Giant Barrel

of M onkeys

Rattle Battle

by Parker Brothers

What's more fun than a barrel of

monkeys? A giant barrel! Try t o

hook the twelve 5-inch monkeys into

a chain. Pick up all twelve monkeys

to make a chain over 5 feet long. 9


h –

inch barrel. Plastic. Fun for all ages.

Two players on opposite sides of

game take turns dropping 12 mar–

bles, one at a time, i.pto clear plastic

maze. Both players then t ry to scoop

out marbles as they pass openings.

Don't let them hit bottom .

49 N 65543- Wt.


lb. 4 oz...... $2.39

49 N 65563- Wt. 1 lb. 8 oz . . . ... $2.87

Booby Trap by

Parker Brothers

Remove disks and get points. One false

move and you'll spring the Booby Trap.

Wooden pieces scatter and you score a

penalty. Spring holds bar tight .. some

disks are safe, but if you remove others,

the spring lets go. Measures 16xll

inches. 1 to 10 players. Ages 6 and up.

49 N 65079- Shipping weight 2 lbs . . .$3.66




A balancing challenge as you

remove disks one at a time.

Be careful, or this happy fel–

low will topple from his 2-ft.

high perch. Spinner tells which

color discs to remove from

pegs. Get 100 points t o win.

For 2 to 4 players. Ages 7

and up. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 6 oz.

49 N 65029 ............ $3.99

Quick Shoot

by Ideal

Shaky Jake .. be careful



.. don"t touch the wire


Follow bends and curves wit h ringedwand.


you touch the wire, penalty light flashes.

Takes a real steady hand to get the highest •

score and win. Metal. Measures 153/ixll \/.Ix

5'h inches high . Uses 2 "D" batteries ..

order package below.

49 N 65492- Sbpg. wt. 2 lbs.


oz.... . .$3.99

" D" Batteries. Package of 6.

49 N 8405- Shpg. wt.


lb. 8 oz . ..



M ind Maze by

Parker Brothers

Design a maze by locating plastic fences

on the plastic vertical grid. T hen try to be

the first player to move a steel ball through

your opponent's maze and capture it. Each

player uses a magnetic device to control

the movement of the ball. Set includes

the grid with stands, magnets, steel balls,

and fences. For two players.

49 N 65493- Shpg. wt. l lb.


oz.. . ... $3.99

Beat the Clock

by M ilton Bradley

Based on a brand new version of the ever

popular TV show. Players race against the

clock to complete a variety of goofy stunts.

Players pick a card todeterminetheirstunt

and time limit. Game includes clock timer,

blindfold , paddle, cups, balls, cubes, discs.

hoops and more. Enough to accomplish

over 50 different stunts. For 2 or more

players. Ages 8 and up.

49 N 65461- Sbipping weight 2 lbs.. . .. $3.77

Hands Down

by Ideal

Use trigger-type gun to shoot mar–

bles into special channels and


Be the first player to win 3 rounds

by shooting 2 marbles into each of

your 2 scoring areas. Plastic. For 2

to 4 players. All ages.

Draw a card, make a match. Then

- quick!- hit the hand. Last hand

down loses a card and a match.

Largest number of matched pairs

wins. Plastic. Ages 7 to adult. Buy

it the easy way-order by phone.

49 N 6507- Wt.


lb. 12 oz.... .$3.87

49 N 65496- Wt. 2


3 oz... .$3.99

Insert 30 plastic sticks into holes in tower

to form a "nest." 40 marbles rest on top

of nest. Players, in turn, wit hdraw sticks

oh-so carefully to avoid causing marbles

to fall .. becomes increasingly difficult as

game progresses. Takes a steady hand and

keen judgment. Fallen marbles score

against players, low score wins. Plastic. A

game for 2 to 4 players of all ages.

49 N 65113- Shipping wt.


lb. 14 oz. .. $2.97



CUT 10%. Marblehead



He has marbles in his

head and plenty of holes, too.

Give him a poke with your

finger and watch the marbles

stampede. 2 to 4 players try to

collect the marbles in the trays.

One with the most marbles when

head is empty wins. 4 trays, 90

marbles. Plastic head.

49 N 65363- Wt. 3 lbs..