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Mattel's deluxe

magic set with 8

bewitching feats

Wave your magic wand and make saucers fly, coins ap·

pear out of thin air, or pull a rabbit out ofa hat. Demon·

strate super-vision with amazing X-ray box. Vinyl carry–

ing case holds everything you need for all



18xl2x3 inches deep. Instructions included.

49 N 65537-Shipping weight




oz...... Set 55.99

Government agent tries to step spy ship ..

it's all done with the help of radar scopes




Close-up Magic

Make a pin float on water .. that's just

one of


ready-to-perform magic tricks

Action on the high seas as spy, armed with mock anti·radar, tries to get his ships from

headquarters to Austin Bay or Grant's Q11-ay and back again. Agent tracks him with

mock radar indicator in helicopter. The odds are even . . buzzer signals capture. Two–

sided plastic set has scanner with compass dial, illuminated radar screen, and playing

field map on either side, tipped cables and tracking pieces. Uses 2 "D" batteries, order

package below. Excitement and suspense for ages 8 and up.

49 N 65495-Shippingweight2pounds . . ........ ... .. .. ... . . . .. . . ... .... Set $4.87

49 N 8405-Package of6 "D" Batteries. Shpg. wt. lib. 8 oz.. ...... . .. . . ... Pkg. 1.49

Baille your friends with these amazing tricks. Make a

glass disappear, a coin pass thru a toothpick, or restore a

torn card. Learn mystifying "Cups and Balls" trick. All

props (except coins, pins, picks) to do 14 tricks. Detailed

instruction booklet included . Plastic a nd cardboard

par ts. Ages 10 and up.

Hang On Harvey


Work Harvey

down wall by re·

moving and in–

serting pegs.

but be careful not

to let him fall

Move Harvey from top to bottom between

walls, using 3 to 4 pegs.


he falls, it's back to

top again. Plastic, l 7xl 1 in. Ages 8 and up.

49 N 65458-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 3 oz.........



by Ideal

Make him mad

and he swings around

. throwing out


Drop marbles into Mr. Mad's mouth ..


one hits

tummy button, he


into a marble-throwing

meany. Guilty player uses stop stick; is stuck

with thrown marbles. Plastic, 101h in. 32 marbles.

Uses 2 " D" batt., order above. 2 to 4 players.

49 N 65494-Shipping


2 lbs. 4 oz. ... .. $4.87

494 Sears


49N65542-Shippingweight 1 pound . . .....Set $4.99



by Mattel

Which of your peg s

hold opponent's

discs? Pull all the

right ones and win!

Two players pull spring-mounted pegs that ex–

tend on both sides of playing box. Discs fall off,

roll down chute. Plastic, abt. 12xll in. Ages 8 up.

49 N 65535-Shipping weight 1 pound .... $3.99


Pass opponent as you crawl thru 8-ft.

tunnel to exchange colored balls

Wackiest tunnel game ever. Two players

crawl in opposite directions simultaneous–

ly thru 8-ft. tunnel to deposit and return

with balls.


to exchange all four balls

wins. Plastic tunnel (8-ft.x3-ft. diam.), 8 as–

.sorted plastic balls, ringstands. Ages 8 up.

49 N 61>547-Shpg.


2 lbs. 8 oz. .. S3.79 .



Pile on shovel. hat

and pick . . if it's

too heavy mule

will kick

Don't get caught adding the last piece to mule's

back, or out of the game you go. Plastic, 9 inches

high. 12 parts. For 2 to 4 players.

49 N 65476-Shpg. wt. lib. 3 oz. ..... . ... $3.37

Cut 5%

Oh Nuts!

By Ideal. Peek and bluff as you try


collect 3 marbles of same color. Includes

20 plastic "nut shells" and glass mar–

bles, spinner, tree


4 nutcracker

trays. 2 to 4 players, ages 5 to 12.

49 N 65366-Wt. l lb. 5 oz......