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240-power Retractor

Telescope and Tripod

Look at all the professional-type features: 5-power sighting

scope lines up the subject; sturdy 52-inch high adjustable

metal tripod keeps scope steady; and micro-motion knob

allows the fine adjustments necessary for keeping the subject

centered as it moves. There's even an accessory shelf on the

tripod to hold lenses not in use. Wide range of magnification:

32, 63, 110 or 240-power for inverted viewing; 48 or 175-

power for upright viewing. Main lens is achromatic coated

60mm objective, 700mm focal point. Rack and pinion focus

adjustment. 30-inch metal scope, plastic trim. Yoke mount.

Phone ordering's a quick and easy way to buy it.

79 N24101C-Shipping weight 12 pounds......... . .. $38.99

150-power Telescope with

tripod and three lenses


Visit the moon, stars and planets .. study the rings of Satur close up ..

with this refractor telescope. Just mount scope on tripod for a clear,

steady view. Magnification is 100-power inverted ; 150-power erected.

Main lens is achromatic coated 50mm objective with 600mm focal

length. 24-inch metal scope; plastic lens hood, eye end, draw tube. 49-

inch high wood tripod. Metal mount and tripod chain.

79 N24102C-Shipping weight 8 pounds...... . ... . ........ . .. $19.99

30-power hand-size


Survey the area or gaze at

your favorite planets with

this refractor scope. Precision–

made 30mm objective lens,

achromatic coated for clearer

viewing. White enameled alu–

minum tube; chrome-plated

trim. Adjusts from 7 to 15


Shipping weight 9 ounces.

49 N 24044 . . ..........$3.87

5 lenses:

Sun filter,

10.5mm, 22mm,

3X Barlow


1.5X erector

7 lenses:

24mm finder

scope lens,

1.5X erector,

2X Barlow,

6mm, 22mm, sun

and moon filter

Retractor Telescope and Tripod


Locate subject with finder scope; spot details on moon and planets. Wide range

of magnification : 32, 67, 96 or 200-power for i,nverted astronomical viewing; 48

or 100-power upright image for terrestial viewing. The erector lens increases

power 50%; the Barlow l ens .triples magnifying power. Main .le_ns is


coated 60mm objective with 700mm focal point. Rack and p1mon focus adiust–

ment. 49-inch wood tripod steadies the scope. Steel swivel mount locks in any

position. 27-inch long refractor scope is metal with black plastic trim.

79 H24103C-Shipping weight 9 pounds.... .. .............. . ......... .$28.99


All items on this page are1rom Japan.