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Specimens to dissect include

crayfish. frog , grasshopper

Do 65 magic tricks

with chemistry

Set of 3 prepared biological speci–

mens packed in odorless, colorless,

harmless, non-toxic fluid .. ready

for dissecting. You plan the research.

Stimulates the science-minded child's

natural interest in biology.

Perform chemical magic. You can

make invisible ink appear or change

the color of liquids . . and much

more. Set includes 6 chemicals,

alcohol lamp, test tubes. Instruction


See note at bottom of page.

Shipping weight 3 pounds.

Shipping weight 2 lbs. 4 oz.

49 N 24062 .............. Set $1 .97

49 N 2406 .... ......... . .Set $3.99

Prepared Slides

of actual specimens

Set of

60 slides

Professionally prepared and labeled slides

for microscopic study. From Japan.

Butterfly, Honey Bee parts (legs, wings,

eyes, antennae) . Structure of blood (hu–

man, dog, horse, etc.). Tiny Creatures (ants,

aphis, spiders, fruit fly , more). Bacteria

(streptococcus, bacillus, mycobacterium).

Sea Life (scales, spicules, egg, and more).

Shipping weight 15 ounces.

49 N 24037 ........ ........... . .Set $4.88

10 Chemicals

used most at home

Twelve 1-oz. bottles .. one each of alu–

minum sulfate, cobalt chloride, copper

sulfate, manganese dioxide, phenol–

phthalein solution, powdered iron, so–

dium iodide and sodium silicate. Two

each of sulfur and sodium nitrate.

49 N 24064- Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.. $3.99



Materials for ' preparing 25

glass-mounted slides. Includes

bottle of Canadian balsam and

methylene blue used to mount

and stain specimens for easier

viewing. In storage box lined

with expanded styrene plastic.

See note below.

Shipping weight 11 oz.

49 N 24036 .... . .... Kit $1 .97


Test Tubes

Basic laboratory tools required for

routine work. Will withstand high

temperat ures.

Set includes six 1hx4-inch tubes

and six •/sx5-inch tubes. Handy

metal test tube clamp.

49 N 24065- Wt. 9 oz.... .. .$2.99

NOTE: Use chemicals on page with care under adult supervision

without batteries

lOX thru 15X eyepiece zooms manually. View specimens thru 3

objective lenses- lOX, 20X, and 40X on revolving turret. Rack–

and-pinion focusing. Adjustable downstop to prevent slide break–

age. Metal frame has brown enamel finish. 8\4 inches high. From

Japan. Uses 2 " AA" batteries, order package below.

49 N 24034- Zoom Microscope. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs........ . .. $14.88

49 N 24056- 12 Prepared Frog Slides. Japan. Wt. 7 oz... Set 1.99

49 N 24061-Brine Shrimp Kit. Shpg. wt. 2 oz... . .' .... . Kit 99c

49 N 8402-"AA" Batteries. Pkg. of 6. Wt. 6 oz........ ,. Pkg. 99c

300-power Microscope

with easy-to-focus

3-lens turret

For beginners. Revolving tur–

ret gives 3 views to analyze

organisms and species that the

unaided eye could never see.

Lenses mounted on turret are

4.5X, 9X, and 18X. Rack-and–

pinion focusing and spring–

clip holder for slides. Strong

metal frame with plastic sub–

stage. 7 1h inches high. Japan.

Shipping weight 2 pounds.

49 N 24033 ...... . ..... $6.99

Portable 30- to

100-power microscope

fits right in your pocket

For school work or outdoor

use. Gives ample working area

for viewing wet slides and larg–

er specimens. Large color-coded

knobs adjust focus and mirror

angle. Remove 100 power com–

pound attachment to convert

to 30 power. Wood, 51;, in. long

with 6 plastic depression slides

and instructions.

Shipping weight 9 ounces.

49 N 24066 ..... . . .. ... $5.99