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Thrills aplenty as the Porsche and Ferrari

sweep around


feet of track


Eldon Bi-Level

Rally Race

Lap counter in track

keeps official score


Eldon Dune Buggies

roar over 13-foot course


Blast down the straightaway, into the

hairpin turn, and over the bridge for

another lap. 5%-in. buggies have whip

antennas and decals so you can dress

'em up. Set includes 26 pieces o[ plastic

and metal track, two speed controls,

start and finish flag. Fence, bridge set,

two buggies, screwdriver and instruc–

tions. Elongated figure 8-track fits

5%x3%-£t. area. Six-volt power pack,

UL listed, 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC.

Shipping weight 8 lbs. 12 oz.

49 N95091 . . . . . .

. . $14.88

Big roadway sets up lots of ways for plenty of sports

car action and excitement. Take high banked turns

at nearly full speed without spinning out. Set in–

cludes two 5%-in. molded plastic cars, two 6-volt

speed controls that plug into track. Lap counter,

fences, bridges, and finish flag add realism. 6-volt

power pack, 38 pieces of plastic and metal roadway,

nylon supports, decals, screwdriver and instruc–

tions. Layout fits about 5x9-ft. area. UL listed for

110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. To order theeasiest way,

look in your phone book white pages under "Sears,

Roebuck and Co., Catalog Sales" for number to call.

49 N95012- Shipping weight 11 lbs. 8 oz.. .. $23.88



/32-scale Cars, Accessories

( 1 thru



Cars for Road Race Sets on this page. Each

has high RPM Dyna Mite® motor, detailed body of

light-weight vacuum-formed plastic. Fully assembled

metal chassis, simulated chrome trim, rubber tires, clear

plastic windshields. Each car about


inches long.


49 N95143-Charger (4) 49 N95141-Stingray

(2) 49 N95144-Camaro (5) 49 N95145-Dune Buggy

(3) 49 N95142-Mustang

Shipping weight each


ounces ....... .. .. . .Each $4.47

Track and Accessories for sets on this page. Metal and

plastic. Track sold in packages of two.

49 N95152- Stra igh!Track. Shipping wt. 8 oz. Pkg. $1.14

49 N95133-Curved Tra ck. Shipping wt.


oz. Pkg. 1.44

49 N951 51- Speed Control. Shipping weight 6 oz. 1.88