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Piggyback Set with

trailers, truck cab,

racks, and trackside

depot with (1), (2)

Tyco HO-scale

Electric Trains

Big 8-unit Freight with piggyback


trailer set and auto carrier


Lighted 4-6-2 locomotive and tender. Boxcar, hopper, flatcar

and auto carrier. Piggyback flatcar with 2 trailers, truck cab,

depot and caboose. Plastic and metal. 45x36-inch oval layout

(13 track sections, rerailer). UL listed power pak, with circuit

breaker, 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC.


N97063-Shipping weight 6 pounds . . . . . ............... $29.99

6-unit Diesel Freight with


dump car and piggyback set


Ako Century 430 diesel with operating headlight. Includes re-

frigerator car, remote control dump car set and dumping bin,

piggyback flatcar with 2 trailers and trackside terminal; loaded

flatcar, caboose. Metal and plastic. 14 track sections for oval 45x36-

inch layout. UL listed power pak with circuit breaker. 110-120-volt,

60-cycle AC.


N97062-Shipping weight


pounds 4 ounces .... . ....... $23.97

4-unit Diesel Freight


with auto carrier



excellent starter set. Lighted diesel. "50-foot" boxcar, auto

. carrier and 6 autos, 8-wheel caboose. Metal and plastic. Circular

track (12 pieces), 36-in. diameter. Terminal track included. UL

listed power pak with circuit breaker. 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC.

49 N,97064-Shipping weight 4 pounds. . ... .. ... . . . ... . ....


Lifelike HO-scale

Railroad Town comes

complete with track ..

separates for storage


without train,


A beautifully painted landscaped layout that the young

railroader can arrange as he likes. Four-piece poly–

styrene base separates for storage. Set includes 46x48-

inch layout, track for complete over-and-under right-of

way. Roadbed material, six trees, three buildings, over 50

hand-painted pieces of scenery (signs, poles, etc.), lichen

for making bushes. Path material, track nails, instructions.

Shipped by freight (rail or truck) or express.

79 N96062N-Shipping weight 9 pounds...... .. .. $24.99

Finished layout

comes apart ..