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NYLINT Suburban

Fire Department


Race to the scene with this realistically-detailed 3-vehicle firefighter set.


Fire Pumper has removable ladders, fire extinguishers and a

swivel delUge gun that actually shoots water up to 7 feet high .. just hook up

pumper to a garden hose. l l Ys-inch long ambulance has snap-action doors

and a removable stretcher. 11 Yi -inch fire chief's car has simulated siren and

snap-action tailgate. Steel vehicles; red baked enamel finish.

79 N5596C-Shipping weight 7 pounds ..... . .

. ....... Set $9.99

Structo Steer-o-matic Wrecker



It's big and tough. but so

easy to push around . Just

tilt the cab left and wheels

turn left. Tilt cab right,

wheels turn right.



position, wheels stay

straight. Big stubby wreck–

er has heavy-duty boom

and die-cast hook.

Red on white steel body

with plated bumper grill.

Wide tread tires. l

2x5 Y2x

6% in. Wt. 3 lbs. 3 oz.

49 N54076. .... . .$5.99

Load and haul sand with the

Structo Road Construction Set

14-piece Set


Husky bulldozer digs and deposits sand or gravel into the giant loader.

Hand-crank conveyor lifts and empties the load into the hopper. As

dump truck moves under the hopper it trips the lever and sand automati–

cally unloads. Yellow and green steel dump truck is 13 \12 in. long .. just

press lever and back raises: tailgate swings open automatically. Yellow

and green steel bulldozer is 12 in. long .. lever-action lift raises to 3 posi–

tions and unloads. 15-in. sand loader adjusts to 7 heights. 13-in. hopper.

Sturdy yellow plastic loader and hopper. 10 road signs.

79 N54068C-Shipping weight 9 pounds ... . ....... . ....... .. Set $9.99

Sand Hopper and Loader only.

49 N54006-Wt. 3 lbs.......$3.99



big team

NYLINT 3-piece steel

Construction Set



Dump Truck only. Wt. 3 lbs. 3 oz.

49 N5408 . ...... . ..... .. . .$2.99

The 13


Tong lever-action dump truck hauls and unloads. 16-inch

long husky grader boasts fingertip steering .. blade raises, lowers. tilts

and.pivots. 16\,2-inch long cement mixer really mb:es. Fill drum through

hopper'.. drum revolves automatically as wheels move . . then press lever

to tilt and unload. Each vehicle has a baked enamel finish . realistically–

detailed cab interior and deep-tread tires.

79 N54595C-Shipping weight l l pounds . .. .. . .. . ... ....... Set $12.99