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Move miniature· size cars

into elevator .. take them

to the level you want

and load or unload on to

25 -car revolving tower.

Turn 1 knob .. the rest is

push-button AUTOMATIC

Sold only at Sears



or batteries

This modern parking garage does

just about everything .. and all you

have to do is turn one knob and push

buttons. A terrific way to display

mini-cars when not in use. One knob

makes the turntable line up cars with

elevator, or tilt to give them a push

down the ramp. Just push buttons

to: rotate parking tower to one of 5

positions; take elevator to any of 5

parking levels; move cars on or off

elevator. 17x9xl6 in. high, made of

high impact plastic. Order miniature



3-in. long) car sets on pages522,

524, 526- 529. Uses 2



order package below. From Japan.

Shipping weight 7 pounds.

79 N 59045C .......... . ... .$14.99

" C"

Batteries. Package of six.

49 N 8406-Wt. 12 oz.. ..Pkg. $1 .19

elevator that goes

to parking level .

rotating tower.

car down ramp.