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Raise and lower!he grease rack

As seen on TV .. the battery-powered Parking Plaza with push-button elevator,

working grease rack


a light- up gas pump. There's parking space for

10 mini-cars plus a multi-action garage to service them all.

You'll find it only at Sears.

cars and batteries

not included

Fold-away Parking Plaza. Just press the button

to take elevator up or down; flick the lever to

dispatch cars right or left into parking stalls.

Park and service so many mini-cars in this combi–

nation garage and parking plaza. Sturdy plastic,



h x15'h in. high. Uses 2 "C" batteries, order

pkg. below. Hong Kong. Order car sets below.

49 N 59044-Shipping wt. 3 lbs. 4 oz. ... .. $7.99

"C" Batteries. Package of6.

49 N 8406-Shpg. wt. 12 oz. . . . . . ... .Pkg. S1 19

Mini-car Sets of die-cast metal

Hefty 2 to 3-inch cars to play with or collect.

HOT WHEELS® 4-car Set. Demon, Red Baron®,

Mercedes Benz 280SL and Continental Mk III.

49 N 54624-Shipping weight 8 oz.... .Set S2.99

Johnny Lightning 4-car Set. Includes: Spoiler,

Smuggler, Leaping Limo and Al Unser Indy.

49 N 54582-Shipping weight 10 oz...Set $2.99

" MATCHBOX"®6-car Set. Superfast cars in–

clude: Ford Mustang Fastback, Volkswagen 1500,

Ford G.T., Pontiac Grand Prix, Mercedes 230 SL

and Ferrari Berlinetta. From England.

49 N 54608-Shipping weight 13 oz... Set S3.29

Corgi Rockets 6-car Set. Includes: Beach Buggy,

Carabo, Todd Sweeney Stock Car, Cadillac Eldo–

rado, Porsche Carrera 6 and Pininfarina. Comes

with tune-up key for removing and interchanging

chassis and axles. From England.

49 N 54606-Shipping weight 12 oz. .. Set $4.44