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• Stop and start switch for plane

and Apollo rocket puts you

in control . . two turn bases and

an automatic revolver switch




Keep gravity-defying cars going on ident ical

or separate tracks with revolver switch. You

can build track in variety of ways .. cars

t urn around automatically at end of track.

Multicolored plast ic parts include 16 curved

tracks, 5 straight t racks, revolver switch, 2

automatic turn bases, rotary device that

turns upside down, space dome with spin–

ning antenna and Apollo rocket and plane

(each 4


h in. long). Unassembled. From

Japan. Uses 4 alkaline "C" batteries, order

2 packages below. Shipping weight 4 lbs.



54238C . . ...... .. ... .. ... .Set $14.99

Alka line "C" Batteries. Package of 2.

49 N 841 o- Shpg. wt. 5 oz.. . .. . Pkg. $1 .29

Jalopy Showdown Set


Rotary Bucket


flips vehicle

to inside track

.. vehicle climbs

upside down

Hit or be hit by your opponent's car and watch the top fly off .

each player controls the direction of his car

Send your jalopy speeding around cloverleaf track with opponent's car in

hot pursuit. Cross over at center crash point, tag opponent 's car and its

top flies off. 28 track sections, 4 switches, 2 steering consoles, and scene

accessories. Plastic layout, 36x24 in. Two 3'h-in. long cars with die-cast

metal chassis. Each uses 2 " N" batteries, order pkg. below.

49 N 54243- Shipping weight 2 pounds 8 ounces .... .. ......... Set $9.99

Set of 2 extra 3 %-in. Jalopies . Can also be used on floor or witb LeMans

Set at right. Each car uses 2 " N" batteries, order pkg. below.

49 N 54623- Shipping weight II ounces .. .. .......... ... . . .. . .Set $4.49

49 N 8408- " N" Batteries. Package of 8. Shpg. wt . 8 oz. . .. . ... Pkg. 99c






Gears keep battery-operated

vehicles moving in any position

.. plane's rear propeller spins


Revolving switch

lets you decide

,_.. which track to take





-~ '


LeMans Start -Finish Spr int Set

Two cool lane-switching drivers

pitted against each other and the stopwatch

Motorized racers peel away from gate with fair Le Mans start. There's

plenty of remote-cont rol lane-switching action whizzing around the 50x33

in. wide track. As racers move into the home stretch, push lever and they

automatically finish in correct order. Mechanical stopwatch records time.

Single and double t rack includes 35 straight, crossover, and curved sections.

Plastic. Two 3Y;-in. long racers with die-cast metal chassis. Unassembled.

Use 2 "N" batteries each, order package at left. Buy extra jalopies at left.

Or other Mini-Motorific cars for a fast 4-car race.

49 N 54257- Shipping weight 3 pounds 8 ounces .. ......... . .. Set $11 .99