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Explore other worlds with Mattel

Sea Devil s Set

walks in space or

rides inside the

Star Seeker

Programmed Vehicle

Complete Gift Set


with Matt Mason

w ithout


It glides forward and turns to follow

any orbit you choose around sun, moon

and 9 stand-up planets. Just position

the 11 pegs on base of vehicle to vary

the course. Bendable 6-inch Matt Mason


held by life-support cables as



were " walking in space." Or he can ride

in the upper deck. 11-inch high vehicle

uses 2 " D" bat teries, order pkg. at right.

Durable plastic; cardboard solar system.

49 N 59109- Wt . 3 lbs. 4 oz.. .Set $8.99

2 men. 2 vehicles

Here come the aquanauts- Rick Riley and Commander Carter- ready

for ad venture. Both are bendable plastic . . have head gear, compres–

sors, flippers and air tanks. Just pump air into tanks with compressor to

make 6-in. tall aquanauts dive and swim. Or let them ride in 2 molded

plastic vehicles, powered by motors. Sea Jet is 5 in. long, aqualander

8'h in. Each vehicle uses 1 "AA" battery. Order package below.

49 N 5907- Shipping weight 2 pounds ..... . .... . ..... . .... Set $6.99

49 N 8402-"AA" Batteries. Pkg. of 6. Shpg. wt. 6 oz.....Package 99c

Uni-Tred® and

Space Bubble®

$4 99

without batteries

or astronauts

Powerful lunar tractor climbs over objects as it hauls the rotat–

ing space bubble. There's room for 1 astronaut inside the pro–

tective blue-tinted Space Bubble while another astronaut

" drives" the red Uni-Tred. 19 in. long overall. Plastic. Uses 2

" D" batteries (not incl.) , order below. Astronauts not included.

79 N 5906 1c- Shipping weight 3 pounds . ........... Set $4.99

49 N 8405-"D" Batteries. Pkg. of 6. Wt. l lb. 8 oz.. Pkg. 1.49




to ship·· ·




" Meteor storm!" says Matt

Mason as he slides down the

space cord. 5-phrase voice unit

is located in the removable

back-pack .. can be used with

any Mattel astronaut. 6-inch

plastic Matt Mason has helmet

with movable visor.

49 N 59116- Wt. 12 oz.. .$4.55

Scorpio . .

w it h




His eyes and mouth flash

with the light of another in–

telligence. 7


.4-inch plastic

alien is bendable; wears a

bellows-controlled vest that

shoots out styrene balls. Uses

l "AA" battery, order pkg.

below at left.

49 N 59 118- Wt. soz. : $2.99

Major Matt Mason

and Jeff Long ..

both on tracked



Matt Mason leads the space

expeditions with his rugged

plastic Cat Trac space vehicle.

Poseable Matt Mason wears a

spacesuit and helmet with

movable visor. 6in.tall. Plastic.

Shipping weight 6 ounces.

49 N 591 17 ........ . .. . ... 99c

Jeff Long, the space scien–

tist, travels in his rugged

plastic Cat Trac lunar vehicle.

He wears a spacesuit and

helmet with movable visor.

Bendable body, 6 in. tall.


49 N 59058- Wt. 6 oz.... 99c