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A mad gorilla lurks

around the bend

. .


he turn in time?

G.I. Joe 3-in-1 Super Adventure Set

Takes G.I. Joe into the seething jungle,

desert heat and cold Arctic dangers

Sold only


Without doll,

at Sears


All the accessories you need to take G.I. Joe on three exciting adventures. He travels to the

desert in his ATV car with working winch. Car floats in water and rolls on land. Other desert

accessories include pith


mummy and case, shovel, pick, and net. He braves jungle

dangers in his battery-powered flat boat, tent, and pigmy gorilla. Or he meets Arctic hazards in

a ski outfit (pants,hooded parka, gloves, and boots). Husky dog with harness pulls his spoon sled.

Plastic parts. Uses 1 "C" battery; order pkg. below. G.I. Joe and suit not incl. Sold on facing page.

79 N59135C-Shipping weight 6 pounds.. .. .... .. .. . . ... .... . ... . . . . . .. . . . . . .. Set $11.99

49 N8406-"C" Batteries. Package of 6. Shipping weight 12 ounces.. . .. . ... . . . ..Pkg. 1.19

Lunar Expedition

Man-made moon vehicle explores lunar surface

. . module ladder goes up and

spaceman appears at escape hatch

Wind up the t ank-type space vehicle and send it on a lunar expedi–

tion. Follows guide rail around craters and mountains and comes to a

stop under space module. Ladder moves under module and picture of

spaceman appears at the escape hatch. Push lever to continue ex–

ploration. Colorful plastic landscape,


in. Plastic and metal


(3~x1 % x2

in. high) with metal key travels along on floor,

too. Ages 2 to 5. From West Germany. Like everything else in Sears

books, it's so easy to order by telephone.

49 N59115-Shipping weight 1 pound 8 ounces ..... ..... ... $3.99



Blast off into space age adventure with Billy and

Robbie Robot. Plastic partners power the space rock–

et . . . explore rugged terrain in the lunar crawler and

lift "radioactive materials" in the deluxe grabber.

Their equipment is powered by built-in back jet

packs that use 2 "AA" batteries (order pkg. below).

Accessories include play radioactive material, push

cart, walkie talkie, lighted radar scope that fits into

dashboards of vehicles, and strange flying device.

Plastic parts. Billy is 4


inches high.

79 N59062C-Shipping weight 4 lbs ... . .Set



Batte ries.

Package of 6.

49 N8402-Shipping weight 6 oz.... . . . . . .Pkg. 99c

New! Walking





Space scout walks and

powers all Billy Blast off

vehicles, accessories. Jet

pack uses 2 "AA'' batteries

(order package above).

Plastic. 4


inches high.

Shipping wt. 4 oz.

49 N 59156 . . . . ... .$2.87