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Fabric Art™

3-D Wall Hangings


with Frames




( 1 thru 3) Just peel protective

paper off self-adhesive backing

and press fabric onto preprint–

ed background. Cotton covered

plastic foam forms. Walnut-fin–

ished plastic frames.


Oblong-framed Raggedy

Ann and Andy . . sold only

at Sears. Frame, 14xl8 in.

wide. Shpg.


l lb. 6 oz.

49 N 20541 .... . .. .Kit $6.99

( 2 and 3 ) Oval-framed Rag–

gedy Ann or Andy. Frame,

llxl4 in. Shpg. wt. each l lb.



49 N 20!\43 . . . . .Kit $5.88



49 N 20542 ..... Kit $5.88

Pre-cut Wooden

Ornaments to



Add Old World enchantment to

your holiday tree with 18 de·

lightful ornaments (3 to 8 in.

high). Made of genuine pre-<:ut

Philippine mahogany . . print–



numbered on both sides

for young artists to follow. Kit

includes 8 jars of acrylic paint,

paint brush, sandpaper, gold

cord hangers, and illustrated


Shipping weight l lb. 12 oz.

49N21815 .... . . . .Kit$3.49

Ant City





watch ants work and

play. Special tubing connects

each escapeproof styrene

house . . you can arrange hous–

es as city or stack as



scraper. Built-in magnifiers let

you get close to the activity.

City includes 6 modules





in. high), tunneling

sand, vinyl tubing, eyedropper

feeder, six-month supply of

food, tweezers, braces, redemp–

tion coupon to send to factory

for ant supply, and inst. Wt. 1

lb. 9oz.

49 N 20146 . .......Set $4.99

Silk Factory . . produce

silk in your own home

Watch the fascinating life cycle

ofa silk-producing moth-from

egg to caterpillar stage .. to

spinning silk cocoon and hatch·

ing as an adult moth .. all

within .2 escapeproof styrene

incubators. Formula food, mag–

nifying glass, redemption cou–

pon to send to factory for


tial culture, and instructions

incl. Requires very little care.



l lb. 2 oz.

49 N 2014 7 .... ... .Set $4.77

Covered Wagon





not incl.

Redwood and Ponderosa Pine Kits

( 4 and 5


Rustic charm of the old west. Just assemble

pre-<:ut redwood and pine pieces. Beige plastic wheels.


Covered Wagon. Beige cotton cover. 12x10xl



49 N 21851-Shippingweight l lb. 2oz..Kit $2.66

6-in-1 Craft Kit for Girls

Make doll clothes, jewelry,


paper flowers. and more . .

Lots of creative fun with this versatile kit. Make doll

clothes with the Cherry Pie Knitter, or a wild variety

of flowers with Flower Pops. Take wood sticks and cre–

ate a handsome picture frame and wagon planter. You

can also make an elegant set of jewelry, mod "Love"

beads and rings, and 14 lovely paper flowers. Every–

thing you need is included. Six individual boxes.

49 N 21758-Shippingweight2lbs. ...... .. Kit $4.99

5-in-1 Craft Kit

Work with leather, wood, tile.

burlap and felt

Five different crafts, each packed in its own colorful

box. You can make a handsome leather comb case, coin

purse, and key caddy, 2 mosaic tile coasters, and a log

cabin bank or try the Hootin' Owl yarn and burlap pie·

ture and Happy Pup felt picture. All materials are in–

cluded along with easy to follow instructions.

49 N 21816-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 12 oz. .. Kit $3.88

Super Cartoon Maker



Five 3-D Peanuts pals to create with Plastigoop. Mold

them in 14 different poses and bake in electric Cartoon

Maker. Includes 8 molds, 8 bottles of Plastigoop, cool–

ing tray, punch-out sayings, handle, knife and instruc–

tions. UL listed. 110-120-v., 60-c., AC.

49 N 20145-Shippingweight4lbs.6oz.... Kit $8.87

Extra Plastigoop. Package of four 2 oz. bottles.

49 N 21842-Shipping weight 12 ounces . . .Pkg. $2.59

Early American Wood Hobby Craft Kit

Assemble and decorate with


accessories included

Hours of building enjoyment for eager young minds,

and do-it-yourself decorating tops off the fun. Designs

are screen-printed on pre-cut genuine Philippine ma–

hogany wood J?ieces. Set includes memo board and pad

(9V..x6'!. inches), water pump and trough (6



inches), wheelbarrow (7x2%x3 inches). cottage bank

(3V.. x31/.x3 inches), and treasure chest (3:Y. x2lfH3 1/2

inches). Wax stain, color sticks, decals, glue, sandpa–

per, and leather-like



49 N 1976-Shipping weight 2 lbs..... . .... Kit $2.99


Stagecoach topped with tiny lamp provides a deco-

rative light. Preprinted beige shade with cord trim.

Uses 75-w. bulb (not included). Electric outlet is wired

for 110-120-v., 60 cycle AC. 12xl0x10 in. high.

49 N 21852-Shippingweight lib. 8 oz. .... Kit $4.99