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Spinet Piano

Just match color-coded notes

with keyboard to play. Cast-iron

tone bar. Piano measures about

16'1'>..x10'hx18'h inches high. Hard–

wood and hardboard construc–

tion. Gold-color front panel,

black-finished cabinet. Bench

stands about 8•/.i inches high.

Music book included.

79 N 66523L-Wt. 15 lbs.. $12.87

Jr. size Spi net Piano

49 keys

plus a 4-octave keyboard

for greater range

49 keys, including sharps and

flats, make it possible for young–

sters to play mostoftheirfavorite

songs. Heavy cast iron tone bar

with precision ground alloy steel

tone rods for full sound. Color–

coded song book and key chart

make it easy to learn simple tunes.

Gracefully turned legs rest on

foot blocks. Elegant maple fin–

ished wood piano measures 3lx



hx24 in. high. Matching lift–

top storage bench, 15x9x13 in.

high. Hardwood plywood con–

struction. Shipped freight (rail

or truck) or express.

79 N 66636N- Wt. 40 lbs. $39.95

37 -key Spinet Piano

w ith see-through front panel

37 keys including sharps and flats. Plastic

see-through front panel allows view of action

of tappets striking steel tone wires. Metaltone

bar. 3-octavespan,chromaticallytuned.Hard–

wood plywood construction, finished in wal–

nut. 22%x103/sx20'h inches high. Color song

book and color-coded key chart. Matching

bench, 11%x6


/.ix10 inches. Shipped freight

(rail, truck) or express.

79 N 66674N- Shipping wt. 22 lbs.... $24.87

Baby Grand Piano w ith

concert piano styling







Both pianos and benches are

made of hardwood with a lus–

trous woodgrain finish. Keys

include both sharps and flats.

Metal tone shaft and wire music

stand. Includes music book. Im–

ported from Japan.

36-Key Piano with bench.

Piano measures 14%x19%x20%

inches high. Bench is 10 inches

high. Partly assembled.

79 N 66664C- Wt. 9 lbs.. $11 .97

46-Key Piano with bench. (Not

shown.) Piano, 17'hx211hx20'h

in. high. Bench, 10 in. high.

Partly assembled.

79 N 66673C-Wt. 13 lbs. $15.97

Metal gears

well spaced for

easier tuning

Its sleek styling with a cutaway body and narrow

neck make it easier


play. Looks like a real elec–

tric instrument, yet its twangy


sound needs

no amplifier. Steel body with brown and gold-<:<>lor

sunburst design, 6 steel strings, metal strike



tuning helps





Shoulder strap, pick and instruction book in–

cluded. 26 inches long. From Japan.

79 N 66597C- Shipping weight 3 pounds . .$6.99

Folk Guitar

29 inches long with nat–

ural wood finish and ve–

neer front, back.Produces

full, resonant sound. 6

wire and nylon strings.

Plastic pegs, zinc-plated

tailpiece, shoulder cord.

Shipping wt. 3 lbs.

79 N 66533C . . . . . . $3.99

Junior Zither

15 metal strings

Play music right away . . just

follow the coded song charts.

Base is pressed board; formed

metal body. Geared pegtuning.

Tuning key, pick, extra strings

and instructionsincluded. Mea–

sures about 14xl8xl




Gray, gold color. Buy ittheeasy

way- order by phone.

Shipping wt. 2 lbs. 5 oz.

49 N 66695 .......... .. $6.99