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AC Adapter

Plays anywhere




With tonal quality

usually found in more

expensive tape players

• Plays any Philips type

cassette- both monaural

and stereo monaurally

• Battery-powered or plug

into wall outlet w ith

AC adapter (sold

separately below)




Instant music. Just pop cassette

into front of tape player. "Open"

compartment switch for ejection

of cassette, which can then be

flipped over to play second track

when compartment door is closed

again. Player is complete with

"play," "stop," "fast forward, "

"re-wind" and volume controls.

Durable plastic housing measures

10x5x214 in. Cassette playing time

approx. 12 to 15 minutes. Use 4

" C" batteries, order package at

left, below. From Japan.

Shipping weight 2 pounds 5 oz.

49 N 6666 ... . . . . .. ....... $17.99

Carry Case

Phase II

Drum Set

• Lyf-LonrM heads • Hissing _cymbal


Get with the big beat with this profes-

sional-like drum set. Break-resistant

Lyf-Lon plastic heads on large bass drum,

side snare drum and large tom-tom .. give

uniform response. (Plastic heads resist tem–

perature changes more effectively than

animal-skin heads.) Two iridescent coated

cymbals .. one is novel " hissing cymbal".

Heavy-gauge steel bodies, resonant wood

block and rugged steel foot pedal. Sturdy

steel legs give positive placement. Highly

polished metal spring clips give drums look of

elegance. 21-in. diameter bass drum with

11-in. djameter snare drum and 9-inch diam–

eter tom-tom. Accessories include two 15-in.

hardwood drumsticks, two brushes, and cow–

bell. Instructions. Shipping weight 14 pounds.

79 N 66672L. . . .... .... .. .... ... Set $19.99

It's psychedelic! Flashing

light Brass Drum Set


Multi-colored print on drum head with

flashing light inside gives psychedelic ef–

fect. Durable plastic Tuffbeat"' playing heads.

20\li-inch diameter bass drum with 9-in. dia–

meter snare drum and 6-inch diameter tom–

tom included in set. Steel frames. Professional

designed tone block and bell. 14-inch hissing

cymbal. Two 10-inch drumsticks and two

wire brushes. Heavy duty foot pedal. Bracket

inside bass drum holds 100-watt bulb (not

included). 6-ft. cord with flasher attachment

UL listed for 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC.

Shipping weight 10 pounds.

79 N 66671 L . . ..... .. ...... . ... Set $14.99

Out of this World

Trap Drum Set

with "hissing cymbal"


Play your favorite "rock" rhythms or just

Adapter for cassettes above. UL

listed for 110- 120-v., 60-c., AC.

6-ft. cord, plastic housing.

For cassette player.

Smooth vinyl case with

compartment for cas–

sette player and 12 cas–

sette cartridges (not

included) . Metal lid

latch, molded plastic

carrying handle. Pro–

tective portability for

player, tapes.10x3x10'h

in. high. Wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.

practice for the big time. Beating surfaces

of break-resistant Lyf-Lon plastic. Set con–

sists of 21-inch diameter bass drum, two full

size 9-inch diameter side drums, stainedwood–

en block, 2 cowbells and 2 iridescent coated

cymbals, inclumng a "hissing cymbal" for

dramatic musical effects. Steel frames. Also

included are two 15-inch high quality hard–

wood drumsticks and instructions. For ages

6 to 14. Shipping weight 10 pounds.

49 N 66698- Wt. 8 oz. .... $2.69

"C" Batteries. Package of 6.

49 N8406-Wt. 12 oz . Pkg. $1 .19

79 N 66663L ..... . .......... . .. ..Set $9.87

49 N 66675 . ... . .$3.99

Pre-recorded Monaural Cassettes



Play for 12 to 15 minutes. Sealed in

durable plastic. Cassette is 4x21hx'h

inches thick.

Shpg. wt. each 2 oz .... . Each $1.96

49 N 66711--Melanie, Candles in

the Rain,

Ruby Tuesday.

3 others.

49 N 66712-The Cream.



3 others.

49 N 66713-Best of Bill Deal and


May I , What Kind of

Fool, I 'ue been hurt, Nothing succeeds

like success.

49 N 66714-Super Groups. Ras–

cals, Cream, Bee-Gee's, and Iron

Butterfly .. one song of each.

49 N 66715-Creedence Clearwater


Fortunate Son.

2 others.

49 N 66716-led Zeppelin.

Whole Lot

of Lovin'.

3 others.

49 N 66717-Engelbert Humperdinck.

A Man without Love.

3 others.

49 N66718-Tom Jones.

Hey Jude.




49 N 66719-Engelbert Humperdinck.

I'm a Better Man.

3 others.

49 N 66721-Tom Jones.



3 others.

49 N 66722-Tommy Roe, 12 in a


Hurray for Hazel, Dizzy, Heather

Honey, Jam up and Jelly Tight.

49 N 66723-Vanity Fare, Early in

the Morning Sunday Morning.


Baby, Hitching a ride.

49 N 66724-360 Degrees. Brooklyn

Bridge, Lovin Spoonful, Ohio Express,

1910 Fruitgum Co... one song of each.

49 N 66725--Mantovani.




49 N 66726-The Ugly Duckling,

Hansel and Gretel.

49 N66727-Uttle Boy with the Big

Hom, Tuggy the Tugboat.

49 N66728-Princess and the Pea,

Romper Room.

49 N 66729-Puff, the Magic Dragon,

Musicians of Bremen.

49 N 66731-Pinocchio, Sleeping


49 N 66732-Red Riding Hood, Heidi.