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24-piece Set has big 11112 ·inch oven

and 4 top burners that light up

Sold only at



Coppertone oven of heavy gauge steel .. sure to delight any

young cook. Set includes mixes for cakes, frosting, cookies,

biscuits, gingerbread, pie crust and apple pie filling. Fully

equipped with pan holder, cake pan, pie plate, loaf pan, cookie

sheet, rolling pin, cookie cutters, gingerbread man, teaspoon,

mixing bowl, recipe book and instruction booklet.

This large-capacity oven measures 9x8xll


inches high. Op–

erates with the heat from one 100-watt light bulb (not included).

Outside never gets too hot for little fingers to touch. Openings in

oven permit dayglow burners to light up when oven is on. UL

listed for 110-120-volts, 60-cycle AC.

79 N 1038C-Shipping weight 7 pounds ....... .....Set $14.88

15-piece Set with 8


/2-inch oven



Bake some terrific desserts in this brightly colored, heavy

gauge steel oven. Includes mixes for cakes, frosting, and

cookies. Set comes complete with pan holder, cake pan, cookie

sheet, cookie cutters, teaspoon, recipe book and instruction

booklet. Oven measures about 7x6'hx8'h inches. Operates with

the heat of one standard 75-watt light bulb (not included).


side always cool to the touch. UL listed at 110-120-volts, 60-cy–

cle AC. Phone ordering is a quick and easy way to buy it.

49 N 1037-Shippingweight 3 pounds 8 ounces ......Set $8.88

69-piece Food Mix and Utensil Set



Easy-to-make assortment of delicious pastries. Set-includes

enough mixes for 12 cakes, 10 frostings, 4 cookie batches, 3

apple pie fillings and pie crusts, 2 batches each of biscuits,

brownies, and fortune cookies, 2 sets of gingerbread men and 6

yummy puddings. Simple instructions on back ofeach package.

Set has 23 utensils and accessories including baking pans,

cookie cutters and cookie sheet, rolling pin, measuring spoon,

mixing bowls, gingerbread man, pie plate, pudding spoon, muf–

fin tin, fortune cookie sayings, and recipe book.

Shipping weight 4 pounds 11 ounces.

49 N 10141 ....................................... Set $8.88

Suzy Homemaker Ice Cream Maker


· 4

Invite the group over for homemade ice cream. Set comes com-

plete with ice cream cylinder inside an ice bucket, plus paddle to

agitate ice cream for freezing. Ice cubes work perfectly, eliminates

need for chopped ice. Plastic and metal. 6


hx71hxl3 in.

79 N 11016C-Shipping weight 4 pounds .... .......... .. .Set $5.99









CUT $3.80.

Toot Sweet Tastitoy®.

Press out tasty candy whis-

tles. Toot Sweet machine. 8 molds and 40 tiny Tootsie Roll® can–

dies in 4 flavors. Instructions. Plastic machine measures 10x5:Y• in.

49 N 11022-Shipping weight l lb. 8 oz........ . .... . . . ... Set


49 N 11023-Refills. 40 Tootsie Rolls, 4 flavors. Wt. 7 oz.. ....... 66c









CUT 4%.


Sno-man Sno-cone Machine. Grater cranks out

sno-cones from ice cubes. Plastic is 71hx5


x9 in. high. Hat, apron,

big store sign, syrup, 10 cups, funnel, instructions.

49 N 11019-Shipping weight 2 pounds 3 ounces ...... ...Set



49 N 11 021-Sno-cone Refill. 5 flavors, 20 cups. Wt. 5 oz......... 99c

35-piece Food Mix

and Utensil Set

Bake a table full of tasty treats with these easy-to-make mixes. Prepares 5

frostings, 8 cakes, 4 sheets of cookies, 2 batches of gingerbread men, 2 pie

crusts and 2 apple pie fillings. Set comes equipped with cake pan, pie plate, loaf

pan, muffin tin, cookie sheet, rolling pin, cookie cutters, gingerbread man, tea–

spoon, mixing bowl, and recipe book. Instructions on each package.

49 N 10142-Shipping weight 2pounds10 ounces .... ...... . .... . .Set $4.99

20-piece Food Mix

and Utensil Set

Set includes enough mixes for 4 cakes, 2 frostings, 2 cookie batches, 2 sets of

gingerbread men and 1 batch of biscuits. Utensils include baking pans, cookie

sheet and cutters, gingerbread man, muffin tin, measuring spoon, recipes.

49 N 10143-Shipping weight 1 pound 7 ounces ........... . ... .. . .Set $2.99

10-piece Food Refill Set


Yummy refill set .. so you won't run

out of treats to make. Includes mixes for

2 cakes, 2 frostings, 2 batches ofcookies,

1 biscuit batch, 1 gingerbread man, 1 pie

crust and apple pie filling.

49 N 10144-Wt. 14 oz... . ...Set



16-piece Cook 'n Bake Set

This aluminum utensil set contains 2

regular cake pans plus an angel food

cake pan. Also includes cookie sheet,

biscuit pan, pie pan, mixing bowl, meas–

uring cup, cookie cutters, spatula, egg

whip, scoop and spoon.

49 N 10178-Wt.10 oz. .. ...... Set 99c