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There's room for 2 dolls

to travel in style in this

versatile sleeper-stroller. De–

tachable shopping bag holds

your packages while you


peek through the plastic win–

dow and keep an eye on dol–

ly. Fringed canopy and tan–

dem seat detach. Molded

plastic seat, footrest, wheels;

tubular steel frame; vinyl

cover. 22xl4x31 inches high.

Partly assembled. Wt. 7 lbs.

79 N 33008C .

. S10.99

Matching Carriage

has tote bag, springs


Pamper dolly with a

spring-suspension ride in

this big 22-inch carriage. Ful–

ly equipped with vinyl fold–

ing hood, protective storm

s hield and detachable tote

bag. Plastic body, wheels; tu–

bular steel frame. 22xllx25

in. high. Partly assembled.


79 N 33009C ... , .... S10.99

Buggy and Stroller

with washable

vinyl covers

and tubular

steel frames

18-inch Buggy

has molded

plastic body


Buggy glides along with a

smooth spring suspension

ride. Decorative vinyl hood

folds up or down. Plastic

wheels. 18xl0 x2 1 inches

high. Partly assembled. Ship–

ping weight 5 pounds.

79N33012C ......... $5.99


with canopy, play

tray and tote bag


Matching sleeper-stroller

has reclining back, plastic

tray a nd footrest. Canopy

a nd tote bag detach. Vinyl

body and plastic wheels.

llxl8x27 in. high. Partly as–

sembled. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 2 oz.

49 N 33011 .. ......... $5.99

Stroll and play,

then fold away

Sturdy Vinyl Stroller

Has detachable tote bag and

canopy. Steel frame, chrome–

plated pusher, plastic wheels.

Folds for storage. 10x9x25 in.

high. Partly assembled.

Shipping weight 3 pounds.

79N33013C ......... S3.99

18-inch Vinyl Buggy

Matching carriage folds for

easy storage. Steel frame,

chrome-plated pusher, plas–

tic wheels. 18x8x23 in. high.

Partly assembled.

Shipping weight 3 pounds.

79N33014C ......... $3.99


Dolls not included with any

item on this page.