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Our finest

Carriage ..

a super-size


"Elegant" is the word for this roomy

luxury coach. Sparkling chrome-plated

trim accents the burnt orange cloth

body and folding hood . Tubular steel

frame; metal spoke wheels; vinyl tires;

hub caps. Spring suspension. 26x12x28

inches high. Partly assembled.



33007L-Wt. 13 lbs... . . .. $18.99

Our finest


2 dollies can ride


this deluxe cloth–

covered sleeper-stroller. Spring suspen–

sion cushions the ride; detachable cano–

py blocks the sun. Tubular steel frame;

plastic storm curtain. 10xllx29 inches

high. Metal spoke wheels, vinyl tires.

Partly assembled.



33006C-Shpg. wt. 9 lbs. .. $12.99

Bedding Set


fits every

carriage on these 2 pages

Three-piece set includes poly-vinyl foam

filled mattress, cover and pillow. Ideal

for carriage, crib or cradle.

49 N

33004-Shpg. wt. 10 oz.. .. . $2.99


Dolls not included with

any item on this page

20-inch Carriage-Cradle

with lace-curtained hood


What a great idea . . after your stroll detach body and

hood for a spring-action rocking cradle with its own–

tubular legs. Spring suspension. Molded plastic body,

wheels; tubular steel frame. Daisy print vinyl hood folds

down. 10x20x27 inches high. Partly assembled.

79 N 33003C-Shfpping weight 7 pounds ..... . .... $9.99

Lightweight Sleeper-Stroller


Recliner-stroller with handy shopping bag and fringed

canopy of charming daisy print vinyl. Molded plastic

seat, footrest and wheels; tubular steel frame. Canopy and

shopping bag detach. 10x18x28 in. high. Partly assembled.

Matches either carriage


or (3).

79 N 33002C-Shipping weight 6 pounds .... . . . . .. $8.99

Roomy 23-inch Fold-away Carriage


Show offyour loveliest doll in this stunrung quilted car-

riage . . spring suspension cushions the ride. Then fold

it away for easy storage . Tubular steel frame; plastic

wheels. Blue vinyl body matches stroller (2), above at

right. 23xl0x29 inches high. Partly assembled.

79 N 33001C-Shipping weight 6 pounds ... ....... $7.87