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Feed her from her bottle, give her

a bath, dress her in an outfit

from her layette and hear her coo

Go ahead-hug her. This 16-inch baby has a

delightful "coo" voice. She drinks 'n wets,

too. Has a jointed, vinyl body, molded hair

and captivating go-to-sleep eyes. She's wear–

ing a lace-trimmed sacque and diaper with a

cuddly blanket. Comes with gown, flannel

blanket, sweater, cap and booties. Wash

cloth, soap, powder, powder puff, brush and

bottle also included.

49 N 31575--Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.. ..Set S12.99

Dy-Dee Baby with sacque, blanket, bottle.

49 N 31569--Shpg. wt. l lb. 14 oz. . .. $7 .99

My Fair Babies make delightful

little baby sounds

17-inch Baby in a crocheted set


She's so lovable .. with her winsome

smile, shiny rooted hair and bright go-to–

sleep eyes and cry voice. Her lovely lace–

trimmed dress is topped with a snuggly-soft

crocheted sweater; matching cap and booties;

lacy slip and diaper. Kapok-filled body; vinyl

arms, legs. head.

49 N 31527--Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz..... . S9.99

14-inch drink 'n wet Baby


This little charmer needs someone



for her. She coos when you cuddle her,

drinks and wets and has soft rooted hair you

can comb or brush. Wears a ribbon and lace–

trimmed dress with matching bonnet. She has

a jointed vinyl body and shiny go-to-sleep

eyes. Bottle, diaper and booties incl.

49 N 31576-Shpg. wt. l lb. 8 oz.

. .. $6.99

Baby Bunting Butterball

.. a 14-inch darling

who drinks 'n wets

Once you pick her up, you 'll

just never want to put her

down. She has pretty go-to–

sleep eyes, coo voice and the

rosiest cheeks. Molded hair, so

you can take her in the tub

with you. Wears a warm jacket

and bunting over flannel kimo–

no and diaper. Her soft vinyl

body is fully jointed. Plastic

bottle included.

Shipping weight l lb. 8 oz.

49 N 31567 .

. . .$6.99

Lovable 17-inch

Baby Boy


Every doll family needs a baby

brother .. he's so much fun


love and care for. Rooted hair

frames his glowing cheeks and

go-to-sleep eyes. Two baby

teeth show through his great

big grin. His cuddly vinyl body

is jointed. Wears a handsome

cotton knit suit with jacket and

booties. From Italy.

49 N 31501-Wt. 2lbs.. S9.99