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Peggy Pen Pal

A real friend for you- as you

write or draw. she does it, too

Peggy comes with a plastic desk

and pens for the two of you. Put

each pen in its holder and you 're

ready to wr ite or draw together.

No batteries needed. And just like

a real little girl, 18-inch tall Peggy

is fully jointed- she stands, twists

at the waist, turns her head. Vinyl,

rooted hair.

49 N35008-Wt. 4 lbs... . . $ 10.99




This 11-inch cutie bounces around

in a battery-driven buggy you can

program like a computer-goes

straight, around obstacles, turns,

even comes back to the s tarting

pofnt. She's vinyl, jointed; comes

out of her buggy for play. Rooted

hair. Plastic buggy needs 2 "D"

batteries, order package below.

79 N 35019C-Wt. 5 lbs. .. $11.87

..D.. Batteries. Package of6.

49 N 8405-Wt. llb. 8oz... $1.49




Baby Dancerina.


control knob in

her tiara. She'll.toe dance, pirouette,

head spot, bow. Vinyl; 11 in. tall. Root–

ed hair. Incl. 33'/


-rpm record.

49 N 35021-Wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz..... $5.87

Baby Walk ·n Play. Moves arm up

and down to bounce yoyo, paddle ball

or wave hanky-just attach accesso–

ries, flip the switch. Walks, too. Vinyl,

11 in. tall. Rooted hair. Needs 1 "C"

battery, order pkg. at right.

49 N 35001-Wt. llb. 8 oz. ... . $5.87

Sketchy the Artist

Draws 11 pictures . .

writes her name. too

Move the magic wand

and S k etchy dr aws

ove r embossed t em–

plates to make pretty

pictures you can color

i n wi th c r ay ons.

Draws freehand, too.

No batter ies needed .

She's 19 in. tall, vinyl,

fully jointed. Rooted

hair. Plastic drawing

tab le , 12 templates,

crayons, drawing pa–

per included.

Shpg. wt. 5 lbs.

49 N 35018 . $11 .97

Wardrobe and Ac-

E h





Tiny Swingy. Flip the switch, watch

her whole body move to the beat of

her 33'/


-rpm record . She walks 'n

sways, strolls 'n dances all by herself.

Vinyl, 11




Rooted hair. Needs

1 "C" battery, order pkg. below.

49 N 35022-Wt. 1lb. 12 oz. . . . $5.87

7-piece Wardrobe. Fits all 3 "Swing–

ers". Incl. dress, blouse, slacks, shorts.

49 N 32548-Shpg. wt. 10 oz... $1 .99

"C" Batteries. Package of6.

49N8406-Shpg. wt. 12 oz. .Pkg. $1 .19

Musical Lullaby Baby

Pull the string .. she'll move while

her music box plays. Drinks 'n wets

She looks so r eal in every way–

even her fingers form a little fist like

a real-life baby.


string and she'll

twist 'n turn to the tune of Brahms'

Lullaby. Comes with her own terry–

cloth pajamas, suedet te pillow a nd

plasti c bottle. Fully jointed vin yl

body, rooted hair. 12 inches tall.

49 N 35035-Wt. 1 lb. 12 oz. . . $6.99