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Watches, all ..


movements and

cases manufactured in Switzerland to


rigid speci–

fications. Stainless steel case back, unbreakable main–

spring, sweep second hand. Shown about actual sire.


Self-wind Skindiver-Type . . rotating berel shows lapsed

time at a glance. Shock-and-water-resistant chrome–

plated base metal case. Black dial with luminous hands

and hour markers. Black heavy gauge vinyl strap.

4 N 16097-Shipping weight 4 ounces..... . ....... $1 9.99


Direct-Rea d Calendar shows date and_time through

windows on champagne color dial . . mmutes recorded

on outer track. Gold-mlor base metal case. Black padded

DuPont Corfam® poromeric strap looks like suede.

4 N 16095-Shipping weight 4 ounces. .... .. . .. . .. $14.99

Also: chrome plated case with brushed white dial.

4 N 16096-Shipping weight 4 ounces. ... .... . . ... $14.99


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a Man's

Skindiver-type Watch. Water-resistant Calendar style

.. rotating berel shows lapsed time at a glance. Brushed

chrome-plated base metal case. Gray dial with luminous

hands and dots. Black vinyl strap.

4 N 16091-Shippingweight4ounces........ . ....



Day-Date Calendar .. both advance each midnight.

Water-resistant gold-mlor base metal case. Linen–

look dial. Brown stitch-trimmed leather strap.

4 N 16092-Shippingweight 4ounces... . . . .. .. .... $15.99

Also: chrome-plated case with black strap.

4 N 16093-Shipping weight 4 ounces. . .......... . $15.99

&ive him




and he'II


1orue1 the lime ..or you eilher

great for pill takers and bakers

for meter readers and business meeters

for appointment keepers and over-sleepers

for commuters and forgetfuls of all kinds

Presenting one of i he most modern concepts in time-keeping . . one that

will eliminate his last excuse for being late for a date. A Swiss-movement

watch with smart, masculine good looks that are only exceeded by its prac–

ticality and utility. To set the alarm, simply turn the crown to the left


arrow on inner disc is the indicator), and at the designated time, a buzrer

sounds the alert. Chrome-plated base metal case, stainless steel back. Un–

breakable mainspring. Brushed white dial with luminous hands and dots,

sweep second hand. The strap is something special,

too ..

the mod look in

black leather with a silver racing stripe. Pictured enlarged to show detail.

4 N 16205-Shipping weight 4 ounces.................... . . . .... .. . $19.99

Also with gold-color case; brown leather strap with black stripes

4 N 16206-Shipping weight 4 ounces... . ....... . ..... . ........... . $19.99

Just call Sears and say "Charge It"

. .

see pages 263-264 for details