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Winnie-the-Pooh " idea"

is really several great ideas–

wonderful memories of childhood,

enchanting characters and, at Sears,

a name for an exclusive collection

of children's apparel that

has become justifiably famous

for its durability, color-coordination,

and easy care.

Now Sears has"asked" Pooh to help us in even another

way. He and his friends are so delightful


thought they could add a little fun

and enjoyment to this Wish Book for 1972. Their charm is as heart warming

as the Season itself so


think they're perfect for the role.


n portions of the next twelve pages is some interesting folklore, whimsically

illustrated byWalt Disney Productions, about how"our" Santa Claus looks

to children of other lands. He looks different, to be sure. He's known by different

names and he de{ivers his presents in different ways. But these things really

don't matter, for whereverChristmas is celebrated he represents

one of the great and timeless traditions

of this holiday.

Copyright 1972 by Sears. Roebuck and Co. Printed in U.S.A.

Illustrations with WINNIE THE POOH characters Copyright© 1964. 1972

Walt Disney Productions. All Rights Reserved.

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andhis friends

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Cartoons of DENNIS THE MENACE characters copyright

1967. 1969. 1970. 1971 and 1972. Hank Ketcham.