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42-in. size

60-in. size







The speedy Slide-a-boggan rolls out flat

for sliding-rolls up for carrying or stor–

age. Front curls up when handle is

gripped. Streamlined polyethylene. Sold

in packs of two only.

27-R 5464-42 x 18 ins.

Reg. 2 for 2.48. Pack ............... ... . 2.18

27-R 5465-60 x 21 ins.

Reg. 2 for 4.48. Pack ..... .. ..... .. ..... 3.48




Sturdy three-seater of tough

polyethylene. Distinctive dou–

ble-wall construction for a fast

cushioned ride. Seats and

hand rails are moulded right

in, to help hold children

steady. Complete with strong

polypropylene rope. About 48

ins. long by 15Y, in. wide .

27-R 5582-Each ....... 6.39


Sno-jet coaster


Two youngsters can climb

aboard the sturdy poly –

ethylene disk. Two poly hand

grips securely riveted in posi–

tion. Snowflake design. About

32 ins diam. Blue.

27-R 5544-Each .... ... 4 .29

Single size coaster as above.

but 26 insdiam. Red.

27-R 5022-Each ....... 2.79

Ride the Sno-jet



The toboggan for tikes, light–

weight and tough . Lots of

room for two tireless kids.

Made of strong linear poly–

ethylene, with four contrast–

ing poly handles for suppon; a

rakish high side for speed. It's

fast and colourful for healthy

winterfun. 48 x 17 ins.

27-R 5593-Each ... .... 4.49

Fast, 3 7-inch

steering sleigh


Can-Am Flyer; the speedster

with flexible runners for good

control. Hardwood deck fin–

ished in hard waterproof var–

nish; rides on heavy-gauge

steel runners. Complete with

raised side rails; tow rope.

27-R 5535-37 ins ..... 7.49

27-R 5538-43 ins..... 8.49

27-R 5539-47 ins... .. 9.49


fast fun



the snow

Hop on the banana peel slider

for winter thrills! Ride it like a

surfboard, holding the rope

for steering control. Tough

moulded plastic with deep

notch control fins and a non–

skid foot tread. Poly rope. 4 5 x

10 ins; recommended for chil–

dren over 5 yrs.

27-R 5021-Each ....... 5.29

Baby's winter



Toddlers stay snug and secure

as they're pulled over snow in

the contour-moulded Baby

Boggan. 30-in . body with

raised seat; adjustable safety

strap. Handle fits front or rear,

to push or pull.

27-R 5463-Each ....... 7.49

Vinyl-covered pad for above

27-R 5023-Each ....... 2.00

3-foot junior ski set


Tough, light "Sno-shuz"


Strong wooden skis with steel tips and ends,

fitted with cable-type harness plus toe and heel

plates; safety straps. Blue enamelled finish. Out–

fit also includes bamboo ski poles. about JOY,

ins long. A good set for the beginner. See page

377 for children's ski boots.

27-R 5546-Set with 3-ft skis ............... 8.99

27-R 5548-Setwith4-ftskis .............. 12.99


One-piece construction. Rugged moulded

polyethylene, that stands up to hard use;

shouldn't crack even in cold weather. Complete

with strong, adjustable harness straps of black–

webbing. Designedwithshontails. for easy han–

dling, even for small users! A great modern ver–

sion of an old favourite! About 26 x 9 ins.

27-R 5466-Pair ...... .... ...................... 4.99


· Baby rides easily in this

low-priced hardwood sleigh


Smooth hardwood deck, finished in water-resistant varnish.

features raised safety


rail, and high curved back rails to

help keep baby secure. Rails remove easily to conven to a

regular type sleigh. Flat wooden ski-type runners for gliding

easily over snow or ice. Wooden handle with " D" grip.

27-R 5020-About32 ins long overall. Each ........... .. 12.99

Sleigh pad to fit above. Foam-filled vinyl mattress and back

pad. with front storm apron. Attaches with tie-tapes.

27-R 5002-About 28 x 12 ins; 12-in. apron .............. 2.99

Fast, steerable, needs no


motor; the Sno-jet Mobile

Tough little snowmobile with hand and foot steering for thril–

ling action on the slopesl Moulded polyethylene body, with

steel handlebars; easy-grip handles. Simulated dashboard

adds to the realistic look ..Climb aboard for action; fun!

27-R 5533-About 38 x 14 inches. Each ........ ............ 9.29

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