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Solo Practice

tv fun®-

the electronic

TV game that

never loses

its challenge






•It's 4 games in 1

Fits any size TV

Has on-screen

digital scoring

•Adjusts to ability

of players

And priced at only


Now ... the most excitement you've seen on

TV in years.


lune is the family game that

allows you to challenge each other in Hockey,

Handball, and Tennis; or challenge yourself in

tennis by playing Solo Practice. Two or four

paddle operation. Ball speed, paddle size,

and the angle of ball return can be changed to

fit the ability and age of players. The degree of

challenge can be altered so no one feels left

out or loses interest. Court-layout on screen

and paddles vary from game to game. The

ball sounds every time it's hit. On-screen

digital scoring.

It's simple to install with a screwdriver-takes

just minutes, attaches to external VHF antenna

leads on your TV. It's battery operated (six

"C" cell batteries), or use optional DC

converter (order both below). Complete

instructions included. Once the game is

attached, there is no need to disconnect it.

Push lever to "Game", tune to a nonbroad–

casting channel, turn on your TV set, and

you're ready to play. For regular TV viewing,

iust push lever to "TV''. When it's off, it will not

interfere with normal TV viewing. Plastic

housing; walnut-colored top with black sides.

18x9Y2x5Y2 in. deep. Mail.


4.70 lbs.

X917-1349A ...................... 59.88

DC Converter. Converts 110-120 volts AC to

DC. UL listed. Mailing weight 0.50 lb.

X917-1158A ........................ 6.95

Batteries. Package of six "C" cell batteries.

X 959-0787 A-Mail.


0.60 lb.... Pkg. 1.39

See similar games in our Fall '76 Cat.-p. 788.

and TVs in this cat. on p. 286. TV shown

above sold in our Fall '76 Cat., p. 721.