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Mattel Auto Race simulates the suspense of racetrack

competition in a hand-held unit the size of a mini-calcu–

lator! Take it to the beach or in your car-no TV set or

household current needed. Electronic display shows

autos in three lanes racing against a 99-second digital

clock. You operate controls to steer and shift gears in a

four-lap race. Avoid collisions with other autos. Colli–

sion makes your car lose time. You hear a sound sig–

nalling victory from built-in speaker. Durable plastic

case is compact, pocket-size-1x3x5 in. Uses 9-volt

battery (not incl.. order on page 360). Warranted by

manufacturer, see page 336.

X 917-2180 A-Mailing weight 0.50 lb... ........ 19.95

Mattel Football Game. Just the thing for any sports

fan-a football stadium as near as your jacket pocket!

Here's hours of amusement as you try to outscore your

opponent within the designated playing time. The ac–

tion is absorbing as light-blip players scamper across

the turf. You're the ball carrier, facing a squad of rush–

ing tacklers. Cut back! Speed up! Avoid being tackled'

Run for daylight and score a TD. Built-in speaker puts

out a sound effect for " Charge!" Automatic score–

board shows downs, yardline, yards to go, time re–

maining, and home/visitor score. You maneuver the

running back with directional controls;


running back

collides with a tackler, he's down. Uses 9-volt battery

(not incl., order on p. 360). Plastic case measures

1x3'12x6 in. Warranted by manufacturer, seep. 336.

X 917-2198 A-Mailing weight 0.50 lb............29.95

Use your

JCPenney Charge Account

for Regular Charge and Time Payment

purchases-see pages


Mini Computer

Games from

Mattel Electronics

a great gift value


• Game action is displayed on built-in

screens-no TV needed

• Battery-operated units are self-con–

tained, pocket size-travel anywhere

• Sound effects emit from built-in



1995 2995

Auto Race