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Sears library of Tele-games Cartridges

Sears Tele-games cartridges reprogram micro-processor unit in your Video Arcade to give you a whole

new set of games at linle extra cost. Change cartridges like you change a tape on a cassene player.

Cartridges come in paper-back-look carriers which provide anractive.

storage. Camidge name on

binding. game list on cover. spec1f1c game-by-game listing in instr


ma.nual. Build your Video

Arcade library now and be prepared for more cartridges to be made available 1n months to come.

Speedway: 6 playfields for 27 exciting Tele-games.

Race against time

as you and your opponent's cars steer through traffic. Each player has con–

trol of his car's speed and steering. Add points for passing cars safely ...

deduct points for each collision (with realistic sound effects). Expert/novice

switch changes scoring system. Other games include: Slalom skiing-ski

down slope avoiding obstacles; Bridges-drive your car over bridges or lose

points by crashing into wall; Rollerball-trap ball as it zips down track and

score by passing it to next racer; Number Crunch-score points by running

over passing numbers; Kamikaze-fly your plane past oncoming enemy

fighters as you try to shoot them down. 1 to 4 player capability.

ORDER INFO: Order extra set of controllers for 4 player action. page 2.


C 99804-Shipping weight 4 ounces ... .. ... . . .... ... . . . .. .. .



One completely new kind of video game that brings the excite–

ment of Las Vegas into your home. Play blackjack against " the house" using

Las Vegas odds and rules (house hits on 16. stays on 17). Each player starts

with 200 points. then dials in bet to a 25 point limit. Hear your cards being

shuffled . .. see your cards being dealt. Should you hit. stay or double your

stakes? Each player dials in his decision as it comes to his turn. A game of

skill. the house plays with a full deck (5 2 cards) which are reshuffled after



cards have been played. Game ends when a player breaks the house

with 1.000 points. If a player's point total hits zero. he drops out of game to

let the others continue. 1 to 3 player capability.

ORDER 'INFO: Order extra set of controllers for 3rd player. pg. 2.


C 99805-Shipping weight 4 ounces ..... . ........ . .. . .. .. . . .


Race: 4 playfields for 14 Tele-games.

Control direction and speed of your

car in an anempt to score more laps than your opponent in time limit.

Choose between complex and easy circuits.


your skill increases. try play–

ing Ice Race. where the racing surface is designed to be very slippery. Tag

N' Score adds a different dimension to racing as play–

ers try to hit a blinking target randomly placed on

screen. Or. play Tag. where two players alternate try–

ing to tag each other. Two 360" controllers with 48-

in. long cables are included to plug into your con–

sole. For 1 or



2 driving controllers incl.


Shipping weight 12 ounces.



99821 . .... ...... .. . . ............. .. $34.95

Space War II: 4 playfields for 17 Tele-games.

You're looking out the

window of your spacecraft. flying in 2-dimensional. star-studded space..Ob–

ject of game is to. use your force-field to draw your opponent's craft into

your laser range. He doesn't have the power to resist. But. within a certain

radius of your vehicle. he has the power to become invisible. Score points

within time limit for shooting his vehicle ... deduct points for colliding with

asteroids. Test your perceptions in Space War Ill and Space Race . . . 3-di–

mensional games which give you the appearance of flying THROUGH

space. Or. guide your vessel for a Lunar Landing on a moon controlled by

your opponent or the robot mechanism. For 1 or 2 players.


6 C

99803-Shipping weight 4 ounces .. ... .... .. ... ..... . .. ...


Tank: 5 playfields for 27 Tele-games.

Guide your tank into firing position.

take aim and shoot at opponent's tank. Your missile will score points even if

it only grazes his tank. Or. change to expert setting and score only on .direct

hits at closer range. Play Tank on open. easy or complex playfield. with

straight or guided missiles. Tank Pong lets you utilize indirect fire by rico–

cheting missiles off borders and obstacles. Invisible Tank adds extra excite–

ment because tanks are only visible when firing. Bi-plane and Jet are chal–

lenging games of combat taken to the air. All games end when either player

scores 99 or game time runs out. For 1 or 2 players.


6 C

99801-Shipping weight 4 ounces . . . . . .. .... ...... . . .... . .



Quadra-Pong: 8 playfields, 50 Tele-games.

Your teammate's opposite

you. your challengers on either side ... volley back and forth before de–

flecting ball into one of their goals. Automatic or manual ball speed-up.

Other games include Pong. Super Pong. Tennis. Soccer. Hockey, Volleyball.

Basketball. Options include expert/novice paddle size. flim-flam switch lets

you catch ball and reposition before releasing it; or. one player can chal–

lenge the built-in robot. Games scored to

2 1. 1 to 4 player capability.


DERING INFO: Order extra controllers


3 or 4-player action. pg. 2.


hipping weight 4 ounces.



99806 ...... .. .. ....... . . .. $19.95