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without batteries

CONSOLE: 7Y2X13Y2X3Y.i-in. high wood-grained plastic. Switches for novice/ expert setting, handicap option, manual

serve, game selection. On-screen scoring, memory-bank scoring for 2 player games. Action sound. Skill rating


CONTROLS: Flipper buttons for Pinball on sides of console, paddle control on top of console.

INSTALLATION: Use with any TV. Attach game switch to


antenna terminals, plug in console and tune to channel

3. Operates on 6


batteries (not included) or use adapter sold below. In vivid color on color


ORDER INFO: Instr., rules incl.


not incl.



page 7.

6 C 997 13-Shipping weight 4 pounds ......... . ........ . .................. ... .... . .. . .... . ......... $79 .99

DC Adapter. 9-v. AC. 500 MA. 20-ft. cord. UL listed.

6 C 99704-Shipping weight 10 ounces ....... . $6.95


A challeng ing electronic version of regular pinball.

Electronic flippers. located on bottom of screen. send

the ball flying into a maze of thumper-bumpers and

targets. Targets have different point va lues ...

change color and sound on each hit. Screen has ..built·

in gravity:· ball drops as in arcade pinball. Handicap

option plays 3. 5. or 7-ball games. Expert setting al·

lows you to hit with only one flipper at a time.

Antenna Switch. Ends antenna hook-up on 2nd


6 C 99726-Shipping weight 6 ounces . ........ $9.95


An unusual variation of pinball .

. pinpaddle. Just as

exciting. JUSt as much fun as regular pinball. but with a

new twist. Bombard the ball into the playfield with a

paddle instead of with flippers. Devise a whole new

strategy to set the bumpers chiming. learn exactly how

to deflect the ball for that perfect shot. Expert setting

reduces paddle size. 2 brilliantly colored playfields for

both pinball and pinpaddle.


The object: break through 6 rows of bricks by knocking down

individual chips from each multicolored row. Get higher point

values for smacking chips in top rows. Once you break through

the top. the ball ricochets wildly .

. knocking away chips .

scoring you points. 3. 5 and 7-ball handicap options. Novice/ ex·

pert settings control paddle size. Memory-bank scoring for 2·

player games

Also plays basketball. Players dribble ball along "floor" and.

with push of button. shoot ball towards hoop. Score 2 points for

each basket you make

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