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Brings the World

to their Level


The Woodseys' Log Cabin















~::. ::




· ·'



The Woodseys' Airport






Whether or not children are "well-adjust–

ed" depends a lot on


much chance

they had to developself-confidence. Toys

for pre-schoolers should help them to feel

proud of what they can do. Try to choose

toys that are challenging but not so diffi–

cult that they discourage the child. Chil–

dren who like themselves find it easier to

like others.





The Woodseya' Store with Grandma and Grandpa

Woodsey. Comes with 32-page storybook. Grandma

and Grandpa have turned their 2-story tree trunk into a

country store. Their outfits have open-back sleeves for

puppeteering. Charming store of polyurethane foam–

backed fabric with print decorations. Machine washable.

There's a plastic push-cart for selling fruits and vegetables.

a pot belly stove, and 2 chairs. Velcro9 fastener closes up

store with all parts and family tucked inside. Plastic roof

carry handle. For ages 3 to about 6 years. 9Y2x8x13 in.

high. Will be $15.77 on Jan. 24, 1981.

XU 925-6074 A- DeliverY weight 2.25 lbs. ..NOW 14.44


The Woodseys' Log Cabin with Mama, Papa, and

baby Milkweed.Comes with 32-page storybook. Each

lovable little animal is dressed in an outifit with open-back

sleeves for puppeteering. Cozy log house of polyurethane

foam-backed fabric has charming print decorations inside

and out. Machine washable. Comes with table, 3 chairs, a

door, bucket. and broom-all of plastic. When playtime's

over, close Velcros fastened log house, with all parts and

family tucked inside, and carry easily with plastic log-like

handle. For ages 3 to about 6 years. 9V2x6Y2x6'12 in. high.

Will be $14.99 on Jan. 24. 1981.

XU 924·1878 A-Delivery weight 2.75 lbs...NOW 13.97


The Woodseys' Airport with Uncle r1lbert Woodsey at

the controls. Comes with 32-page storybook. Uncle

Filbert wears sporty pilot's gear with open-back sleeves for

puppeteering. He flies a plane of polyurethane foam–

backed fabric with plastic propeller.The foam-backed fab–

ric hangar has a carry handle shaped like a windsock. Ma–

chine washable. 9Yax14 'Alx6Y• in. high. For ages 3 to

about 6 years. Will be $9.88 on Jan. 24, 1981.

XU 925.fl066 A-Delivery weight 1 lb............NOW 8.88


Wind-Up Record Player Plays Music Box Tunes-just

turn the knob and listen to special records. 5 records

play 10 favorites. including " London Bridge." On/off

switch. Records store in base. Carry handle. Plastic.

9V•x9x4Y2 in. high. For ages 2 to about 6 years.

XU 925-6686 A-Delivery weight 2.75 lbs............15.33


Play Doctor Medical Kil Carry case with latch handle

has a tray to hold each of the 6 instruments and serum

bottle. Stethoscope lets child actually hear a heart beat.

Blood pressure instrument has dial that spins, Velcro® fas–

teners, and a squeezable bulb.Thermometer knob turns to

simulate different temperatures. Also includes play syringe

and serum bottle. look-in-the-ear otoscope, reflex ham–

mer. and eye chart. Plastic.Case is 10x10Y•x3 in., closed.

Ages 3 to about 7 years.

XU 925-1372 A-Delivery weight 2.20 lbs............12.89


Portable Activity


Steel chalkboard top. Two

storage spaces hold 16 activity cards cut to trace or

match letters, and tray with magnetized plastic alphabet.

Numbers. extra letters, chalk. and eraser store in compart–

ment on top. Plastic. metal, and hardboard. 12x10Y2x3V2

in. high. For ages 3 to about 8 years.

XU 923-3461 A-Delivery weight 4.75 lbs............10.99


Tool Kit. Wind-up drill is strong enough to turn the

plastic screws and bolts. 3 bit attachments-drill,

socket wrench, and screwdriver-snap into drill or can be

used separately. Put-together workbench has ruler and

vise. 23-piece kit includes screw, bolts, and nuts that lit into

carrying case. Plastic. For ages 3 to about 7 years .

10x10W•x3 in. high. Will be $14.99 on Jan. 24, 1981 .

XU 925-9615 A-Del. wt. 2.75 lbs..........Kit NOW 13.84


Cash Register has 6 coins in 3 sizes to


3 color·

coded slots. Push matching lever. and coins disap–

pear. Push SALE button, coin drops into drawer; CHANGE

button sends·coin into tray. Cranking the handle opens

drawer and rings the bell. Transaction shows in window.

Plastic.For ages2 toabout6years. 7'!41x7V2x1014 in. high.

XU 923-71 65 A-Delivery weight 3 lbs.................12.99


Play Lunch Box. Just like the real thing. Sandwich

compartment is big enoul,lh for a real sandwich. Leak–

resistant thermos has child-sized cup. Easy-open/snap.

close latch for little hands. Plastic. For ages 2 to about 6

years. 8x9V2x2V2 in. high.

XU 925-6025 A-Delivery weight 0.75 lb................3.97



Pull-A-Tune Xylophone. Concealed mallets play a

merry tune as it's pulled along. Brightly enameled,

tuned metal keys over wooden sound chamber. Booklet

has 5 color-coded songs. By using wood mallets, kids can

play tunes without pulling toy. Wood and steel; plastic

wheels. 14x5x214 in. high. For ages 1 to about 6 years.

XU 924-2637 A-Delivery weight 2.40 lbs...............9 .37


Marching Band. Five quality instruments: 8-note har-

monica. 2 metal cymbals, two colorful maracas, tam–

bourine with rolled-edge disc, and decorated drum with

snap-fit top and carry strap. Orum doubles as storage con–

tainer. Plastic and metal. For ages 3 to about 7 years.

XU 925-6017 A-Delivery weight 3.25 lbs. ........... 11.


Two Great Ways to Charge-–

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