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The Mummy



Fiendish Friends

for Hours of Fun!




Menacing Monsters. Fully jointed poseable

bodies. Push a panel


their backs and their

arms lock together so they can carry away their "v1c–

t1ms"1 Heads and hands glow 1n the dark! Vinyl heads.

plastic bodies. 9 in. tall. Ages 3 to about 12.

[1] The Mummy-even a mother's love can't help him!

XU 928--01 81A-Del. wt. 0.90 lb.



(2] Frankenstein-the first monster of them a111

XU 928--0157 A-Del. wt. 0.90 lb...............


[3] Count Dracula-he's ··cape"- able of anything!

XU 928--0165 A-Del. wt. 0.90 lb.

. ..........


[4] Wolfman-he mooned about too much 1

XU 928--01 73 A-Del. wt 0.90 lb.

.. ..



Monster Energizing Machine-makes your mon–

ster glow in the dark' Place him on the rack. strap

him in, and crank him into the chamber. Press the "en–

ergizer" switch and hear a buzzing sound. lights flash

and the monster glows! Uses 2 " D" batteries-not in·

eluded. soid on page 461 . Plastic construction.

XU 928-019g A-Del. wt. 1.60 lbs..................12.99


Godzilla's<A Mighty, Menacing Monster! He can


''fire" his claw like rockets and has a flame-like

flicking tongue. Movable arms, wheeled feet. Plastic.

19V2 in. tall. Ages 3 to about 10.

XU 923·2620 A-Del. wt. 4 lbs.... .



'1978 Toho Co.. Ltd..


Rodan'.'--The Big, Bad Bird. Rubber-band acti-

vated wings make a flapping, flying-motion–

push lever at the back of his head, and his mouth opens

and closes as he makes a squawking-type sound.

Mouth and claws pick up enemies as large as 3 in. tall.

or even a toy car 1Neck moves from side to side. Wing–

span is a full 41 1n.! Plasllc. Not fully assembled-no

tools reqwed. Ages 5 to about 12.

XU 928·0223 A-Del. wt. 3.50 lbs.



'1979 Toho Co.. Ltd.


Gre-gory The Vampire Bat! Push button 1n his

back to activate the "blood" flowing mechanism

on his chest and he really seems to be "drinking" his

victim's blood! Hangs by feet from a stick. Wings flap

as he moves through the air. Piercing red eyes, soft

and creepy vinyl. tO-in. wingspan. Ages 4 to about 12.

XU 928-0231 A-Del. wt. 0.90 lb.

. .........

11 .88


Krusher Growing Monster. Open his secret valve

and he can be crushed, close the valve and he's

locked into position. Open the valve again, he grows

mystenously, needs no pumping or batteries. Adjust

the valve to make him grow at vanous speeds or crush

parts of his body while others stay inflated. Makes

deep " breathing " sound when squeezed. Multi-col–

ored vinyl. 14 in. tall. Ages 4 to about 12.

XU 928-0249 A-Del. wt. 1.20 lbs.



Suckerman-The Clinging Creature! Expose

him to light and he glows 1n the dark! Suction cups

all over his body stick him to surfaces, or even to him·

self.Throw him against a wall- he assumes wildly con–

torted positions. 12 in. long, flexible white plastic. Ages

4 and up. CAUTION: Do not throw against glass.

XU 928-0256 A-Del. wt. 0.40 lb.

.. ..