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Sesame Street' Light and Learn Game. Kids

place a card on the grid and select the answer

with the electro-probe. lfthey're right,the red light goes

on. Cards ask questions on numbers, shapes. colors,

alphabet. and rhymes Cardboard. 12


12x8 V2x2 in.

high . Uses two " C" oatteries-not included. sold on

page 461. Any number of players, ages 4 to about 7.

XU 925-3360 A-Delivery weight 1.50 lbs .. .. ....



Mickey Mouse ' .. Super Draw. Magnetic "pow-

der" under the plastic surface follows the mag–

netic pencil to draw or trace anything kids want: sur–

faces " come clean " with the magnetic eraser. Can be

used over and over without fuss or mess. Four different

stamp shapes . easel . stand and storage tray

14x 14


x9 in. high. For ages 3 and up.

XU 925-1307 A-Delivery weight 1.90 lbs .. ...



Sesame Street' Activity Set by Kenner• . Create

your own Big Bird, Oscar. Ernie and Bert, Cookie

Monster, and the Count from 3 hinged molds and three

6-oz cans of Play-Doh. Make numbers. cookies. and

signs from 3 double-sided cookie cutters. Put them all

together on the vinyl playmat and cardboard backdrop

for lots of fun.Comes with plastic school bus. mail box.

rolling pm, and tnming knife. Ages 3 and up.

XU 925-7452 A-Del. wt. 2.50 lbs




Play-Doh Microscope Set by


Create in–

sects.germs, mushrooms and more with three 6-

oz cans of Play-Doh. Peek through the eyepiece and

watch them " grow" with a turn of the knob under the

microscope. Comes with tweezers, 2 specimen flasks

with corks. flask rack, labels. Ages 3 to 7.

XU 925-7460 A-Del. wt. 1.80 lbs ........ Set 10.88

See special Sesame Street and Disney indexes on p. 371.



DriU 'N' Fill from Kenner•. " Ouch-less" play

dentistry for children. Equipment to make teeth:

two hinged molds for uppers and towers-healthy or

with cavities. Equ1oment to insert and polish: hand-op–

erated " drill" and burnisher. small mirror and probe.

And the patient. a large plastic head with an opening

mouth-inside are holes which can be fitted with teeth.

Includes three 6-oz. cans of Play-Doh for making teeth.

11x8x9 in. Ages 3 and up.

XU 925-1406 A-Delivery weight 3 lbs .............



Fuzzy Pumper Play-Doh Day-Glo Monster Shop

by Kenner• . Rotate the clicking crank, the crypt

door opens and a mons1er rises up and grows Play–

Doh hair. Four monsters: Frankenstein. Dracula,

Werewolf. and Mad Scientist. Comes with castle tor–

ture chamber backdrop, crypt chain. and gruesome

tools plus three 6-oz. cans of Play-Doh Day-Glo. Ages

3 and up.

XU 925-7478 A-Delivery weight 2.50 lbs......


· ' 1977 Children's Television Workshop

Muppets Characters • Muppets, Inc.

··' Walt Disney Productions





Creative toys develop eye-hand coordination and

provide both pleasure and pride of accomplish–

ment. These toys are best when they encourage

self-expression, imagination. and experimenta–

tion, and do not limit the child to copying and imi–

tating. When choosing creative toys, look for the

ones that offer considerable freedom; rules and

restrictions tend to stifle creativity.