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flC Partenavia P-68 Victor Sport


32Ji<-1n . wingspan.

powered by a pair of electric engines

Two-channel d1g1tal, proportional steer–

ing. Left and right, up and down flap con–

trols allow for spectacular aerial stunt–

ing.Plane 1s sturdy styrene foam.Comes

complete with 2-channel RC control sys–

tem and installed servos Includes 10 Ni–

Cad battenes for motors and radio re–

ceiver. and a portable field recharger

Uses 10 'D" and 6 '"AA"' alkaline or re–

chargeable Ni-Cads-batteries not in–

cluded. sold on p. 461. Instructions in–

cluded . FCC license application

included. Imported from Japan. Ages 12

and up. Del. wt. 4.40 lbs.

XU 926-1769 A




RC Mountain Man·-4-Wheel

Drive with 2-Gear Transmission for

variable speed control The big tires and

high clearance get this tough guy

through dirt. rocks, and rough terrain.

Fully proportional speed. 5 funct1ons–

forward. reverse. left.right. stop. 12x7x7

in. high. Plastic. Uses 4 " AA" and 6 " C"

alkaline or rechargeable Ni-Cad batter–

ies-not incl., sold on p. 461 Imported

from Singapore/Japan. For ages 8 and

up. Del wt. 3.40 lbs.

XU 926-1777 A

.... .





RC Racing Boats.• Steering

wheel control gives precise

rudder and variable speed response–

forward, reverse, neutral. right and left

steering. Tough plastic hulls are water–

res1stant. Each boat comes with built-in

Ni-Cad " C' batteries . and D.C. re–

chargers. Imported from Taiwan. Ages 8

and up

[3] 27-ln. Long Boat can do up to 24 mph

(288 mph scale speed) on calm water.

Powerful 750MW transmitter with self–

centering steering wheel uses 8 "AA'"

alkaline or rechargeable Ni-Cad batter–

ies-not included. sold on p. 461 . 6 N1-

Cads. 12-volt quick cable charger-re–

charges by using a car cigarette lighter.

FCC license application included. Del.

wt. 7 lbs

XU 926-1819A ............ ..........


(4] 17-ln. Long Boat can do up to 7 mph

(84 mph scale speed). Designed espe–

cially for use in swimming pools. 4 Ni·

Cads, 6-volt recharger UL listed for t 10-

120 volts, AC. Uses one 9-volt battery–

not incl.,sold on page 461 . Del.


4 lbs.

XU 920-1401 A ...............




RC 'Vette Racer.• This one really

travels-does 20-30 mph . Big

1/12-scale-16 in. long. Independent

front suspension and floating rear axle.

D1g1tal, proportional steering, with vari–

able speed control-forward, reverse,

right, left. start/stop. Lexan<!I plastic.

Comes with 6 "C" rechargeable Ni-Cad

batteries. Powerful 750MW transmitter

with self-centering steering wheel uses 8

" AA'" alkaline or rechargeable Ni-Cad

batteries-not incl., sold on p. 461. FCC

license application included. Imported

from Taiwan. For ages 8 and up. Del.


4.50 lbs

XU 926-1835 A ....... ..............



RC Racing Firebird. • Steering

wheel control unit puts this beauty in

forward. reverse, right and left, stop. at

scale speeds up to 96 mph! Plastic.

13x5x4 in. high. Uses one 9-volt and 4

'"C'" alkaline or rechargeable Ni-Cad

batteries; not incl.. sold on p. 461 . Im–

ported from Taiwan. For ages 8 and up.

Del. wt. 2.50 lbs

XU 926-2023


. .69.99


RC Toyota Off-Road Land Crui-

ser.· 1/ 10th-scale Handles any

terrain with 3 gears-two speeds in low

and medium. and a variable speed

range in high. Terrific suspension, too.

Proportional steering 1n forward and re–

verse. Plastic. 15x9x6


high. Uses 4

"'C" and tO "AA" alkaline or Ni-Cad bat–

teries-not incl., sold on p. 461. Import–

ed from Japan. Ages 8 and up. Del. wt.

5.40 lbs.

XU 926-1 843 A



•All Radio Control vehicles are

FCC approved and include an

FCC license application if required.


RC Firebird

Scale speed

up to 96 mph