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RC Firebird with Dashboard Transmitter.•

5'12x15 1n.-long dashboard serves as r/ c unit.

TurrT on switch key, listen to Firebird's idle hum; shift

bar from neutral to drive or reverse. and hear its " en–

gine" roar. Realistically detailed dashboard also has

working panel lights, steering wheel with fully propor–

tional steering, speed control, and a working horn. 12

in.-long Trans AM has working headlights and turn sig–

nals. moves forward/reverse, left/right. Uses 10 "C"

alkaline or rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries-not includ–

ed, order on this page. Plastic. Imported from Hong

Kong . Ages 8 and up.

XU 925-7486 A-Del wt 4 50 lbs.





RC Drive Command Competition Racers.·

1/ 22-scale, detailed racers, a Datsun 280ZX

and a Porsche 935, each have their own transmitters

with ind1v1dual frequencies, so they can race one an–

other ! Cars function forward/reverse , left/ –

right, stop/ start from transmitter. Each transmitter/ –

car uses two 9-volt and 3 "AA" alkaline or rechargea–

ble Ni·Cad batteries-not included, order on this page.

Plastic and metal. For ages 8 and up. Pylons shown

available 1n set only-see below. Each will be $29.98

on January 24, 1981.

(2) Porsche 935. 49.86 MHz frequency.

XU 925-7494 A-Del.


1 lb................NOW 27.99

(3) Datsun 280ZX. 27 145 MHz frequency.

XU 925-7502 A-Del. wt. 1 lb................NOW 27.99

SAVE$6. Buy (2) and (3) together,and receive 4-pylon

set (shown on opposite page) at no extra chargei Set



$53.96 on January 24, 1981 .

XU 925-7510 A-Del.


2 lbs........Set NOW 49.98


RC Drive Command Ford Pickup.• Drives over

rough surfaces with ease. Automatic gear change

gives 1t enough power to climb inclines up to 30° steep.

Functions forward. turns left 1n reverse. Uses two 9-voll

and 3 " AA" alkaline or rechargeable Ni-Cad batter–

ies-not included, order on this page . Plasuc.

9 Y2x7 14x3 in. high. For ages 8 and up.

XU 925-7528 A-Del.


1.25 lbs...................19.99


AC Drive Command Jeep Renegade.• •; ,s-scale

off-road Jeep handles the roughest terrain, and

climbs hills at inclines up to 30'! Automatic downshift

transm1ss1on delivers extra driving power. Sealed gear

box allows you to drive 111n sand or dirt without fear of

controls bogging down. Pivoted rear axle, soft-ribbed

tires combine with high-torque power to give Jeep

Renegade excellent traction. and a superb command

of almost any terrain. Uses two 9-volt and 3 "C" alka–

line or rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries-not included,

order on this page. Plastic 1eep is 12 \1:2x4x9Y2 in. high.

For ages Band up.Will be $54.95onJanuary 24, 1981.

XU 925-7536 A-Del.


2.75 lbs. ........NOW 48.88


RC Fang.• '/is-scale. 4-wheel pickup is built to

take tough terrain, and climb hills, or surfaces an–

gled as much as 30°. H1gh-tract1on knobby tread tires

and automatic gear shift to low make Fang the master

of off-road bumps and bellies. Completely sealed gear

box lets you maneuver 11 in sand or dirt without worry–

ing about losing control. Proportional steering with for–

ward/reverse, left/ right controls. Go from transmitter,

stop with brake. Uses two 9-volt and 4 ''AA'' alkaline or

recharageable Ni-Cad batteries-not included, order

on this page. Plastic. 9:i4x5:Y..x4¥• in. high. For ages 8

and up.

XU 925-7551 A-Del.


2.50 lbs



AC 4-Wheel Wrangler Pickup with Trailer.• Fea-

tures d1g1tal, proportional steering-make right

and left turns, go forward, reverse. Start/stop from

transmitter.You control the speed-fast for " highway"

travel-slow for maneuvering 1n reverse. Comes with

two off-road motorcycles. Uses two 9-volt and 4 " AA"

alkaline or rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries-not includ–

ed, order on this page. Plastic. 16Y2x4Y2x4


in. high.

Ages 10 and up. Imported from Hong Kong.

XU 924-3239 A-Del.


2.50 lbs.................39.88


AC Motorcycle with Biker Aboard.• Features pro-

portionalstiiering and speed control. Biker's arms

and legs are poseable-arms move with the handle–

bar, legs act as balance control on turns. XRC cycle 1s

plastic with rubber tires. Start/stop, turning action from

transmitter. Uses one 9-volt and 4 "AA" alkaline or

rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries-not included, order

on this page. 914x6x 12'¥• in. high. Ages 9 and up. Will

be $54.95 on January 24. 1981 .

XU 925-7569 A-Del.


2.40 lbs.........NOW 49.99

·All Radio Control vehicles are FCC approved, and

include an FCC license application if required.




RC Corvette





RC Corvette.• Snazzy decals. and detailed right

down to tinted windshield and gold-color wheel

rims. Four functions.Release transmitter button. and,

'Vette heads forward. press down on button. and 1t

moves backwards 1n a circle! Plastic. 7x3x1 :i4 in. high.

Uses two 9-volt and two ''AA'· alkaline or rechargeable

Ni-Cad batteries-not 1nlcuded,order on this page. Im–

ported from Hong Kong. Ages 5 and up.

XU 925-7577 A-Del.


1.40 lbs



RC Mustang.•


/ is-scale Official Pace Car of Indy

" 500" fame features T-roof. chrome-tone mag

wheels, sleek decals. realistic color Five functions:

porport1onal steering with forward / reverse. left/ right,

start/stop controls. Plastic. 11 \1:2x4x3\1:21n. high. Uses

one 9-volt and 6 " AA" alkaline or rechargeable Ni-Cad

batteries-not included, order on this page Imported

from Hong Kong. For ages


and up.

XU 925·7585 A-Del. wt 2.20 lbs.


NJCkel Cadmium

Charge Up to 1,000 Times!

Double Charger-

charge two different-Size

batteries at the same time



AC Adapter



GE Rechargeable Ni-Cad Batteries for superior

performance. longer life. Good for 5 years or

1,000 recharges • • Order with or without modules. All

are deliverable, weigh under 1 lb

XU 925-7601 A-Pkg./2 "AA" w/ Mod.


XU 925-7619 A-Pkg./2 "C" w/ Mod..............6.98

XU 925-7643 A-Pkg./2 " D" w/ Mod.


XU 925-7650 A-Pkg./One 9-volt w/ Mod........6.98

Extra Rechargeable Battery Packs. Use with modules

sold above. All are deliverable, weigh under 1 lb.

XU 925-7668 A-Pkg./2 "AA". ..


XU 925-7676 A-Pkg./2 "C" .........................5.98

XU 925-7684 A-Pkg./2 " D" ................. ...........5.98


General Electric Double Charger.·· Charges

twice the number of batteries normal chargers

do-and at energy saving costs! Lets you recharge

different-size batteries at the same time, so you can

charge up what you need while other batteries are in

use. Accepts any size GE battery module combination.

Order GE Rechargeables with Modules separately



UL listed for 110-120 volts, AC.t

XU 925-7593 A-Del. wt. 0.50 lb. ...........



Coleco AC Adapter.•· Eliminates need for batter-

ies. Universal for 6-, 7Y2-, 9-volt DC output UL

listed for 110-120volts. AC.t 6Y2 -ft. cord. 2Y2x1:V..x2



XU 925-7700 A-Del.


0.50 lb...................6.98


Dynamics DC Auto Adapter:• Universal for 6·,

7\1:2-, 9-volt DC output-Just plug


to car or boat

cigarette lighter. Features

Ouadraplug ~

with clip-tip for

9-volt battery, 4 other tips to accommodate other

adapter outlets. Recessed switch protects against

damaging voltage change. 6\1:2-ft. cord. 4V::!x 1'l'• x 1 in.


XU 923-8452 A-Del. wt. 0.50 lb....................10.99


Duracell Alkaline Batteries. Long-lasting. All are

deliverable, weigh under 1 lb.

XU 925-7718 A-Pkg./4 " AA" .........................2.99

XU 923·8403 A-Pkg./4 " C" ............................3.99

XU 923-8312 A-Pkg./4 " D" ....


XU 923-8437 A-Pkg./Two 9-volt


..Warranted by manufacturer, see page 363.

tCaution: electric-see note on page 465.