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Country Manor Dollhouse Kit. A charming house

w11h 6 rooms on 3 floors plus staircase 11n to 1fl

scale House is made of


·s-1n. plywood, pre-cul. pre–

printed. nolched. and numbered for easy assembly

Pre-printed green shingled roof, chimney, masonry,

brick. window shutters. and s1d1ng. Step-up porch w1lh

ra1f1ng. S1mulaled " glass" vinyl window panes. Inside,

floors in simulated hie and wood planking. Easy to fol–

low instructions. Finished size 23i4x1 2x25 1n. high

overall. Furniture not 1ncluded-furn1ture kit [2] sold

below Adult superv1s1on 1s recommended

XU 926-2775 A- Delivery weight 32 lbs

.Kit 21 .99


Dollhouse Furniture Kit. Makes 32 pieces of furn1-

1ure to furnish a living room. bedroom, kitchen.

dinetle. balhroom. and recreation room. 1 1n. to 1 ft.


i.a-m. pre-cut and pre-printed plywood pieces

are notched and numbered for easy assembly. Comes

with upholstery foam. fabric.accent labels.white acryl–

ic paint. paint brush. sandpaper. and illustrated

instructions Adult superv1s1on is recommended

XU 926-2783 A-Delivery weight 1 60 lbs . Kit 8.99

SAVE $5 whenyou buy [ 1) and [2] together


Catalog Numbers and pay only





Country Dollhouse and Furniture Kil. 3 rooms on

2 floors. 1in. to 1ft scale. Plywood for both house

and furniture is pre-cut, pre-printed. notched,and num–

bered for easy assembly House has pre-printed gray

slate shingled roof. red brick walls. simulated field–

stone patio. entry way with pillars. clear plastic win–

dows with white frames. Interior: floors simulate tile

and wood planking Enough furniture to fill 3 rooms:

bed. chest. couch. coffee table. lable. chair. bathlub.

basin. 101le1.


" mirrors". clock Furniture kit includes

upholstery foam and fabric. white acrylic paint. paint

brush. sandpaper. and instructions F1nisned house

size 20 "•x1 5x10'• in. high overall Adult supervision

is recommended

XU 926-2759 A-Delivery we1gh1 5 70 lbs Kit 15.99




Doodle-Loom Yarn Kits. So easy to create

pompon animals by winding and culling

yarn. Kits contain 3 Doodle-Loom pompon tools. yarn.

and olher malerials to make animals in each kit. Pa11ern

book included-shows other pro1ects 10 create with

lools. Ages 8 and up

(4] Poodles. Makes two 9-m high poodles

XU 926-2866 A-Delivery weight 0 40 lb

. Kit 9.99

[5] Clowns. Makes 1wo 8-in. high clowns.

XU 926-2882 A- Delivery weight 0 40 lb.

..Kit 9.99

[6] Koala Bears. Makes one 5-in. high and one 6-1n

high koalas.

XU 926-2858 A- Delivery weight 0.40 lb. ....Kit 9.99

(7] Cat. Makes one 13-in. long cat.

XU 926-2874 A- Delivery weight 0 40 lb ... Kit 9.99


Jungle Pillow Toy Kit. Pillow and soft toys are

ready to sew by machine or hand. Pre-schoolers

learn how to snap. zip. button, lace. and tie. Fun learn–

ing experience. Colorful 1ungle animals and bird fit into

the pockets of the pillow zoo. Kit contains soft double–

knit polyester fabric. polyester filling, thread, needle,

bobbin. zipper, buttons, a lace.Velcro• a snap, iron-on

alphabet. and illustrated instructions. 15x6x12 in. high.

Color fast. machinewashable,drip dry. Finished pillow

toy tor ages 2 to 5

XU 926-2833 A-Delivery weight 0.50 lb.....Kit 6 .99


Art Needlework Chest. Portable wooden case

contains all 1he basics for learning to sew, knit,

crochet. 8 yarn colors. sewing and embroidery thread

in 6 colors each. embroidery hoop. dolly bobbin. flow–

er loom,coronet knitter. crochet needle, 2 knitting nee–

dles. 6 tapestry grids. 6 cloth pa1ches. 2 cotton han–

kies, rag doll. 4 sewing cards, scissors, tape measure,

thimble, packet sewing needles and an embroidery

needle. instruction booklet. Chest 123/•x83.4x3 in. high.

For ages 8 and up.

XU 920-0445 A-Delivery weight 3 lbs. .. .......11 .99


Van lamp Kit. Custom van lamp base has stor–

age area with sliding door where youngsters can

hide small "treasures". Kit includes molded plastic

parts. pressure-sensitive labels of van designs, full col–

or van-design shade material with wire shade form and

lacing. Pre-assembled electric cord and socket unit–

no electrical assembly required. 6-ft. cord. UL listed.

AC. 110-t20 volts, 60-watt bulb recommended (bulb

not included). Van 1s 11 \4x6V•x51i!i in. high. Lamp is

16 in. high overall. Assembly instructions included-–

adult guidance recommended for youngsters under 10

years of age. Accessories shown not included.

XU 926-2841 A-Delivery weight 2.25 lbs. Kil 15.99


Order anything on theu

two page$ uni/I Aug. 15, 1981.











String Art. So easy lo master-Just position

nails. lhen wrap string from nail to nail. Kits

contain composition board base.cream-colored fabric

background. g11t-fm1sh pins. plastic eyes. colored

thread. easy-lo-follow instructions. Ages t4 and up.

[11] Mallards in Flight. t8x24 in finished.

XU 926-2809 A- Delivery weight 4.20 lbs. Kit 13.99

[12] Owl in Flight. Measures t8x24 1n finished.

XU 926-2791 A-Delivery weight 4 20 lbs Kit 13.99


Tilepoint Tiger or Puma Kit. Create a tiger or a

puma-take 1t apart and make a different p1c1ure

with the same kit. Place colored plastic tiles into a grid

to create a 13x 16-m.-picture Comes w1lh tiles. grid,

plas11c tool. 1ns1ruc11ons. Ages 12 and up.

XU 926-2825 A-Delivery weight 3 lbs..:...Kit 10.99


Deer Head Wire Art. <Same technique as string

art- see [ 1t] and [ 2) above.)


12-in. backing

board, black velour, copper wire, and nails, nail height

gauge. 1lx t4 in. high finished. Ages 10 and up.

XU 920-0643 A-Delivery weight 3.50 lbs...Kit 7.99


Lath Wood Owls. Pre-cut wood pieces fit togeth–

er like a puzzle Glue each piece. then paint.

Cornes with glue.6 acrylic paints.sandpaper,wood for

picture and frame. 16x24 in. finished. Ages 6 and up

XU 926-2817 A-Delivery weight 6.75 lbs. Kit 12.99




Potterycraft• Kits. Help kids develop co–

ordination skills as they create beautiful.

useful works of art. Each kit includes wheel, air-drying

clay (no firing necessary). paint, Jar of glaze. brush. 2

shaping 1ools. sponge.

[16] Plug-in-Electric-Powered Kit. Motor drives 7V2-in.

diameter wheel. Ball bearings assure smooth oper–

ation. Compact motor lifts out-permits under-water

cleaning of rest of unit. On/ off switch and speed con–

trol. 110volts, AC. UL listed. Caution: electric plug-in–

see note on page 465. Comes with 3 lbs. of clay. Ages

10 and up.

XU 924-6182 A- Delivery weight 6.75 lbs. Kit 24.99

[17] Battery-Powered Kit. 7-m. diameter wheel has 3-·

voltmotor with on/ offswitch. Includes 2 lbs. clay. Uses

2 " D'' batteries-not included. sold on page 461 .Ages

8 and up.

XU 924-1316 A-Delivery weight 5.50 lbs. Kit 10.99

Refill Kit. 3 lbs. clay. 4 jars paint. 1 jar glaze.

XU 924-1332 A-Delivery weight 3.25 lbs...Kit 6.99




Exclusive !

Enough material lo make 8 candles two 31f2-in

high cylinder-shaped, two 3


/i-in. high pyram1d–

shaped. two 33/•-in. high owls. and two 3'1• -m. high

mushrooms. Kit contains reusable plastic candle

molds. a mold holder, 3 lbs. smokeless candle wax.

wicking, colors. scenis, wick bars. complete instruc–

tions. plus 4 acrylic paints treated for use on wax. Adult

superv1s1on recommended. Ages 12 and up

XU 926-2916 A-Delivery weight 4 lbs

.....Kit 9.99


"Glass" Art Kit. No culling or soldering neces-

sary-1ust pa1n1 in color on the acrylic " glass"

sheet Butterfly design 1s pre-printed in black. Kit con–

tains 6 " glass" -sta1n paints. paintbrush. F1nishe9 size

is t2x16 1n. Ages 6 and up.

XU 926-2890 A-Delivery weight 1.50 lbs. ..Kit 9.99


Tools, Materials. Plans to Make 16 Different

Wood Toy Projects including a dump truck, earth

mover. airplane, 1eep, sailboat. Comes with 33 pieces

of cedar wood, iron-on transfer blueprints. plus a ham–

mer. handsaw, coping saw frame with blade, ruler,

nails. sandpaper, 5 colors of acrylic paint, a paint–

brush, and detailed instructions. For ages 7 and up–

adult supervision is recommended.

XU 920-0403 A-Delivery weight 6 lbs.



Deluxe Wood-Burning Set. Everything tor 4 pro-

1ects: messsage board. totem-pole key holder,

recipe box. hanging planter plus 20 assorted wood

plaques and 2 cork coasters. Set includes electric

Wonder Pen, sandpaper. paints, paint pan. color foil, 5

extra pen points. 1ute. tacks. glue and instructions. UL

listed. 110-120 volts,AC Caution: electric heating ele–

ment-see note on page 401 . Ages t2 and up.

XU 920-0460 A-Delivery weight 2.90 lbs. .Set 13.99


Pin Weaving. Just place pegs into board and run

yarn around (hem, pull out pegs and you have

handsome. useful potholders. placemats, etc. Kit in–

cludes yarn for 1 to 3 pro1ects. Instruction booklet ex–

plains how to create your own designs. Reuseable

board is 22x t4:V• in. Ages 8 and up.

XU 926-2924 A- Del. wt. 3.75 lbs................Kit 6.99


Deluxe Leather Kit. Combines embossing and

painting on leather. Create 9 feather projects in–

cluding key case. com purse, comb case, luggage tag, fob,wristband. photo case,and necklace

fob Kit contains pre-punched and pre-cut top-grain

leather. 8 stamping dies, embossing toot, mallet, lac–

ing, lacing needle, work board, bottle of leather finish,

cheese cloth. transfer stylus, paint brush, 6 acrylic

paints. instruction booklet with 80 different designs.

Ages 8 and up. Del. wt. 2.40 lbs.

XU 926-2940 A .

.........Kit 15.99