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Available only

at JCPenney




When You Buy This Complete

5-Pc. 25 Watt Modular Component System





Charge it-

JCPenney Full 3-year warranty on receiver, turntable, tape deck

see page 363

and headphones; full 5-yr. warranty on speakers-see page 570

A Great Gift Value-This selectively matched compo–

nent system with coordinating look-all for one low

pr;-::e! Includes receiver, turntable, Dolby® cassette

player/ recorder, headphones, and two speakerc

1"I0-120V,AC. UL listed. Would cost $699.70 if pur–

chased separately. Del. Class C-see page 364.

X 853-0123 A-Wt. 84.50 lbs...........System


25 Watt AM/FM Stereo Receiver

25-watts RMS minimum per channel, two channels

driven at 8 ohms, 40-20,000 Hz with not more than

0.8% total harmonic distortion. LED (light emitting di–

ode) signal strength meter for greater tuning accuracy.

LED FM stereo indicator light. FET FM front end. Built-in

AFC. Lighted tuning dial. Rotary controls for flywheel

tuning, volume, balance, treble, bass, function, and

speaker selector (A, B,A and B). Push buttons for pow–

er, tape monitor, loudness, and subsonic filter. Auxil–

iary 1acks for headphone, phone magnetic, phone ce–

ramic, tape-in, tape out. Two AC outlets (switched and

,,nswitched). Terminals for 75 and 300 ohm antennas.


protection fuse. Dipole FM antenna included.


ft. r peaker wire included. Cabinet measures 16'hx

5Vax 11:Y•-in. high.

X 853·3549 A-Del. wt. 26 lbs .....................


Single or Multi-Play

Belt-Driven Turntable

Semi-automatic-can be programmed to play a single

record, repeat a single record up to six times or play six

records autor,1atically. Automatic return and stop. Full–

size, 2-speed (33VJ and 45-rpm) turntable platter. In–

cludes a magnetic cartridge with diamond stylus

manufactured by Shure. Viscous damped cue/pause

control. Adjustable stylus tracking force and anti-skate

control. Low-mass tubular tone arm. DC servomotor.

Wow and flutter-0. 1%. Rumble-60db. 45-rpm

adapter included. Hinged, smoked acrylic dust cover.

Black, non resonant base. 19\4x9 V2x 15% in. high.

X 853-1618 A-Del. wt. 13.50 lbs ........


3-Way, Bass-Reflex Speakers

Each speaker has an 8-in. woofer with 3.97 oz. ferrite

magnet; 3V2-in. midrange magnet and 2V2-in. cone

tweeter; 2-in. tuned port. 8 ohms impedance. Each

speaker has a recommended wattage of 5-30 watts

and a capacitor crossover network. Removable front

grille cloths. Plastic rings and mesh on all drivers and

ports. Cabinets are rosewood vinyl on wood products.

12x20V2x9V2-in. high.

X 853-2640 A-Del. wt. 34 lbs .....................


Cassette Player/Recorder

Cassette player/recorder offers 3-way recording; re–

cord off AM/FM stereo radio, turntable or attach mikes

(sold on page 573) and record live' LED (light emitting

diode) left and right record channel meters. Automatic

shutoff. Digital tape counter with reset button. Damped

eject door. LED record indicator light. Push buttons for

power, Dolby®' NR, and tape selector for normal or

Cr02. Cassette function keys for record, rewind, fast

forward, play, stop/eject, and pause. 2 microphone

jacks; 2 tape-in, 2 tape-out jacks; 1 headphone jack.

Includes one set of patch cords. Cabinet measures



/ax 11:Y.-in. high.

X 853-3556 A-Del. wt. 9 lbs ........



Stereo Headphone Set

Cushioned earcups. Designated left and right side, 2-

wire, adjustable headbands with soft, vinyl head cush–

ion. 9-ft. 9-in. straight cord. Frequency response: 20-

25,000 Hz.

X 853-2590 A-Del. wt. 2 lbs ..........................


"Registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories Inc.