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( 1 thru 16 ) Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™ Accessories land iust 1n time to

beam smiles aboard little faces on Christmas morning! Durable plastic. For chil–

dren ages 4 years and up.

(1) Jabba the Hun™ swings his tail

when kids move his head from side to

side. Evil Jabba. with iointed arms and

glass-like eyes. 1s surrounded by gates

that open and close manually. Incl.

slave rope ; figures sold at right.

49 C 59038-Wt. 2 lbs. . .. .$11 .99

(2) A Sears Exclusive for 1983! Jab–

ba-the-Hun Dungeon™ is 1nhab1ted by

figures Klaatu #2, N1kto and 8D8

(R2-D2 not incl.). Partly assembled

dungeon includes sculpted play base.

rotating crane.

49 C 59033-Wt. 1 lb. 8 oz..$11.99

(3) A Sears Exclusive! Imperial

Cruiser™ comes with a rotating laser

gun. swiveling radar dish, 2 "1m–

mob1hzat1on units." 6 side compart–

ments and a rear ..prisoner cell " hold

11 figures (sold at right). Imported.

Unassembled; instr. included.

49 C 59177-Wt. 1 lb. 8 oz..$12.99

(4) Imperial Attack Base™ brings bat–

tle-ready youngsters to Ice Planet

Hoth to fight rebel forces! Press levers

on ice trenches. see bridge collapse.

command post blow up, land mine

pop up. topple figures (sold. right).

Turn machine gun to make firing

sound. 6"2-1n. h. base 1s partly assem.

49 C 59227-Wt. 2 lbs. 3 oz..$8.99

(5) Remote-controlled Scout Walk–

er™ saunters along in search of enemy

rebels . Manually-operated cannons

turn and click, head swivels. Remov–

able gun incl. Cockpit for 1 figure (sold

at right) . 10 in. high. $13.99 after

Kenner rebate ... seep. 545.

49C59228-Wt. 1 lb. 12 oz. $14.99

(6) Y-Wing Fighter™ arms " rebels"

with battery-operated cannons, man–

ually-activated bomb. 3 landing pads.

Young " pilots" push remote-control

buttons that move cannons. drop sim–

ulated bombs. Cockpit for 1 figure;

compartment for R2-D2 (figures sold

at right) . Takes 2 "C" batteries (sold

below). $1 B.49 after Kenner rebate

seep. 545.

49C59036-Wt. 1 lb. 12 oz. $19.99

D1eHard Alkaline "C" Batteries

49 C 30929-Wt. 5 oz. Pkg. 2 $2.39

(7) Imperial Tie Fighter™ takes

youngsters through asteroids 1n pur–

suit of the Millennium Falconi™ Space

vehicle e1ects wings to simulate battle

damage and beams light and sound

when kids push remote-control but–

ton. Hatch holds 1 figure (sold below).

" Battle damaged" labels incl. Takes 2

" AA" batteries sold on p. 505.

49 C 59028-Wt. 1lb. 8oz..$14.99

(8) Speeder Bike™ transports little

fighters around planet Ender. They can

strap a favorite figure (sold below) into

the seat. adjust the handle bars. then

push the remote-control button that

activates the " blow apart" feature with

front-end snap and break-away seat.

Bike also has brake flaps that open and

close when pedals are pushed down

49 C 59006-Wt. 5 oz. ...... $6.99

( 9 thru 15 ) Star Wars: Return of the

Jedi™ Action Figures venture to earth,

bringing their exciting empire to "star–

struck" youngsters! Fully-101nted

figures with weapons. accessories.

are ready for 1mpend1ng battles.

(9) 3-pack includes Darth Vader™ and

2 uniformed Hoth Storm Troopers™

49 C 59245-Shpg.


3 oz..$7.99

(10) 3-pack includes Admiral Ack–

bar.™ General Madine™ and 1 Rebel


49 C 59035-Wt. 3 oz..... . .$7.99

(11) 3-pack includes Lando Calris–



an.™ Boushh™ and Luke


49 C 59222-Shpg.


3 oz.. $7.99

(12) 3-pack includes Chief Ch1rpa.™

Logray™ and Chewbacca.™

49 C 59872-Shpg.


3 oz..$7.99

(13) 3-pack includes 1 Gamorrean

Guard.™ Squid Head™ and Bib For–


49 C 59041-Shpg.


3 oz..$7.99

( 14) 3-pack inc ludes Klaatu .™

Reeyees™ and Weequay.™

49 C 59444-Shpg.


3 oz..$7.99

(15) 8-pack incl. Biker Scout,™ Ben

(Obi Wan) Kenobi,™ C-3PO,™Yoda ,™

R2-D2.™ N1en Nunb,™ Tie Fighter

Pilot,™ Emperor's Royal Guard.™



7 oz.. $19.99

(16) C-3PO "Dro1d-shaped" Collec–

tor's Case. with hide-away handle.

holds up to 40 figures (sold above)

plus accessories. Plastic case doubles

as display piece for kids· room and in–

cludes pressure-sens1t1ve sheet of Star

Wars characters.

49C59236-Wt. 2 lbs. 4oz..$19.99

(17) A Sears Exclusive! Space Figure

Collector's Case holds 24 figures (sold

above) up to 4112 1n. tall.


1n. high vinyl case has 2 plastic trays

and plas11c carrying handle . Not

licensed by Lucas Film Ltd.

49 C 59409-Wt. 1 lb. 8 oz. .$4.99



Ltd. (LSL) 1983.

All nghts reserved. "'Trade Marks


of LSL used by licensee.

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