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13-in. Plush Care Bears



from Kenner

(1) Care-a-lot Playset is the home of your Care Bear

friends ... come visit and have some fun. Play on the slide

or sw1ng1ng star. or have a party around the meeting ta–

ble. See what's happening down on Earth from their

favorite look-out post-the Look-about-Loft. or JUSt come

by for lunch. Plastic playset doubles as a carry case for 5

poseable Care Bears. 13x12 in. Ages 3 yrs. and up.

$16.49 after Kenner rebate ... see p. 545 for details.

49 C 40763-Wt. 2 lbs. ............ Full price $17.99

(2) Cloudmobile 1s ideal for Joyriding ... rain or shine! A

front seat and rumble seat provide seating for 3 poseable

Care Bears (sold below). Give your Care Bears a ride 1n

this toy convertible or pack a lunch and head for the beach

with your blanket, umbrella, picnic basket (all incl.) Sturdy

plastic construction; 6x9 in. Ages 3 yrs. and up.

49 C 40761-Shpg.


1 lb. ................. .$9.99

(3) Gift Wrap Ensemble featuring the cuddly Care Bears

will make gift g1v1ng as much fun as g1ft-gemng! Delightful

assortment includes 4 rolls of gift wrap each 60x20 1n..

50 ft. of coord1nat1ng ribbon. 10 bows. and 10 gift mms.

In a self storage box.

3 C 57041C-Shpg.


2 lbs. 10 oz...........$5.99

( 4 thru 9 ) Plush. Stuffed Care Bears™ for collecting,

playing with or loving. They're so adorable. you'll want to

give them a big "bear" hug! Soft acryt1c plush cover 1s

machine washable. For ages 4 yrs. and up.

13-inch Care Bears . .. for big "bear" hugs.

(4) 49 C 40787-Bedtime Bear™

(5) 49 C 40785-Birthday Bear™

(6) 49 C 40786-Tenderheart Bear™

$13.49 after Kenner rebate . .. seep. 545 for details.

Shipping weight 10 oz. .........•.... Full price $14.99

6-1nch Care Bears ... for little ..bear" hugs.

(7) 49 C 40783-Grumpy Bear™

(8) 49 C 40784-Cheer Bear™

(9) 49 C 40782-Friend Bear™

Shipping weight 6 oz-................ . ... .. .... .$7.99

( 10 thru 19 ) Poseable Care Bears are perfectly sized for

use with the Cloudmob1le and Playset. sold above. Each


in. roly poly doll has an important symbol on his

tummy that tells you his reason for being and how he can

make you happy. Which care Bear 1s your favorite?

(10) 49 C 40781-Goodluck Bear™. a lucky charm.

(11) 49 C 40757-Bedtime Bear™. a sleepyhead.

(12) 49 C 40806-Cheer Bear™, bnght and sunny.

(13) 49 C 40746-Grumpy Bear™. bah. humbugl

(14) 49 C 40759-Funshine Bear™ keeps smiling.

(15) 49 C 40804-Friend Bear™ won't let you down.

(16) 49 C 40769-Birthday Bear™ loves a party.

(17) 49 C 40752-Tenderheart Bear™ to love.

(18) 49 C 40754-Wish Bear™. a dream come true.

(19) 49 C 40753-Love-a-lot Bear™ loves youI

Shipping weight 4 oz...........................$3.99

(20) Care Bear Figurines to paint by number and enioy.

Set of 3 molded vinyl figures also includes 12 acryltc

paints. brush and instructtons. Shatterproof figurines

each measure 4¥•-in. tall. Fun for ages 6 yrs to adult.

49 C 20071-Shpg.


1 lb. B oz. ..•..... Set $13.99

(21) Lace-up-Yarn Bear. a yarn sewing act1v1ty featuring

Tenderheart Bear and Cheer Bear. Kit includes plastic

safety needle. yam and plastic three d1mens1onal grids; in–

structions also included. Makes 2 Care Bears. each 4 in.

tall. Fun for ages 6 yrs. and up.

49 C 22222-Shpg.


1 lb. 12 oz......... Set $8.99

(22) Miniatures of 4 of your favorite Care Bears: Good

Luck Bear, Friend Bear, Grumpy Bear and Tenderheart

Bear. Plastic bears are each 2 inches tall-the perfect size

for collecting. For ages 3 years and up.

49 C 52254-Wt. 10 oz.. Set $7.99

•OAmencan Greetings Corp. 1983