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(CJ Compact Stereo System

Was $129 .95 in

our 1983 Spnng Big Book. p. 711 . Includes

AM/ FM stereo receiver. cassette player/ recorder.

turntable and 2 one-way air suspension speakers.

Ceramic phono cartridge has diamond stylus.

Imported parts. assembled 1n


UL listed.

120-volt. 60 Hz.. AC. 5Y2-ft. cord. 14%xl 8%x5% 1n.

deep. Speaker enclosures are 14Y2 1n. high.

See "N" suffix. p. 323.

See our 1983 Fall Big Book for Sears

spec1f1c written warranty,

or wnte for free copy, see page 323.

57 E 91810N-Wt. 32 lbs.. .$ 99.95

(0) TIMEX/ Smcla1r



Computer with


6K RAM Module.

Just plug module 1n to back of computer

and you're ready to use any of the soph1st1cated

software sold for the Sinclair 1000 1n our Fall Big

Book. Or write your own programs using the bu1lt-1n

BASIC language. Plastic membrane keyboard allows

single-key entry of many commands. Black plastic computer

casing 1s 6


/ex6%x 13/e 1n. UL listed. 120-V. AC.

Warranted by Timex Corp.. see p. 323.

3 E 23024C-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 6 oz.. .$ 89.98

(E) Wilson Walker Cup 7-club Golf Sets with Bag.

Regular length.

men·s nght hand clubs with lightweight steel shafts and composition

rubber gnps. 1 and 3 woods have Strata-Block laminated hardwood heads

with Cl1ma/ Gard polyurethane finish for durability. 3. 5. 7 and 9 irons

rave sole weighted carbon steel heads for loft and distance.

Paddle style putter with leather gnp. L1ghtwe1ght nylon bag has

comfortable padded shoulder sling and large accessory pocket.

6 E 81199C-Shpg wt. 16 lbs.. .$ 99. 99

(F) Hand-crafted Solid Wood Rocking Horse.

Walnut stained pine with a

fine furniture f1n1sh Tall and mane are Olefin® acrylic fibers. saddle

and bndle are leather-look vinyl. 44x 14x37 in. high.

Seat 1s 26


1n. high. Partly assembled.

See 'N' note. p. 323 .

49 E 89083N-Shpg wt. 35 lbs.. .$ 99.99

c sears. Roebuck and Co.


Printed 1n U.S.A.

Cover photograph taken at Woodlawn Plantation. Mount Vernon, Va.

Illustrations with WINNIE-THE-POOH Characters.



Walt Disney Productions.

Al' Rights Reserved.



(A) Top-grain Cowhide Leather Blazer.

Center vent in

back. nylon lining. Professionally leather clean. Imported.

Fits men 5 ft. 7 in. to 5 ft. 11 in. tall.

State even chest size


X 45 E 63522F-Brown

X 45 E 63521 F-Tan

Shipping weight 2 lbs. 12 oz... $99.99:P.

(BJ Limited Edition Endangered Species Collector's Knives.

The natural beauty of four vanishing native American birds

is depicted in the hand-carved scrimshaw bone handles.

of these knives. Each knife signed by the artist and

mounted in a 8Y2x5 Y2-inch walnut plaque with an account of

the bird's current status and a map of its range.

Only 1000 knives of each bird available. numbered from

1001 to 2000.


inches long closed. See Note below.

T 9 E 95173-Bald Eagle

T 9 E 95 171-Whooping Crane

T 9 E 95172-Peregnne Falcon T 9 E 95 174-California Condor

Shipping weight 14 ounces .. Ea. $80.00:P.

Save $80 when you buy all 4 Endangered Species Knives .

Sep. pnces total $320.00. 1000 sets numbered from 1 to 1000.

T 9 E 95176-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz... Set $240.00:P.

NOTE: To learn more a5out endangered species and what 1s being

done for them. write the U.S. Fish and W1ldl1fe Service (Pubs/ SI

Washington, D.C. 20240.