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when you buy auto transport


with car set (2)


Push-button control p!d.!


into command of the

Roadmates• auto transport. Choose one of the



button controls on the top of cab to either start, drive,

turn left, turn right or stop. Unload up to 74 mini-size

vehicles off oftilt-up ramp. Plastic transport measures

78x4*x4 inches high. Imported. Cars are not included.

Requires l


batteries, sold separately on page 459.

For ages 4 years and up.

49 C 58113- Shpg.


l lbs. l oz...$8.99


Roadmates• mini-vehicles have fine detailins and

authentic styfklg. Sets are sturdy die-cast metal, built to

resemble full-size models. This Sport and Race set of


cars includes; Mercedes Benz 350 SL, Datsun 140Z,

Porsche 918, Lamborghini Countack, Corvette Street

Machine and Lancia Stratos. For ages 3 years and up.

49C 57137-Shpg.


71 oz. . .Set $3.99

Auto transport (7) with car set (1) sold above. Separate

prices total $71.98.

49 C 57334-Shpg. wt. l lbs. 74 oz. ..Set $9.98


The Penny-Power{;acing gar;;ge


has Fn!Jlaback.

motorized mini-cars t at


w ee ies an o stunts.

Just put a penny in the


and Penny Racerst"' are

ready for action. Garage set includes l racers and a

carrier truck. Garage opens by placing a penny into the

lock. There's even a penny-activated pneumatic

elevator. Racers are plastic and 3 in. long. Garage is

plastic and 9x8x6* in. high when folded into case. Was

$70.99 in 1984 Christmas Book, p. 561.

For ages 3 years and up.

49 C 58756-Shpg. wt. 1lb.


oz... Set $8.99



your mini-car have a stranse ping? Use the

Roadmates• auto test center to set it right. Center

features "engine analyzer" with mechanical sounds and

spinning dials, push-button car eject and outside gas

pump. Vinyl play case opens to lO* x 73x3 inches,

closes to store plastic buildings into 14x7M.x3-inch

storage case. Partially assembled, instructions included.

Cars not included. For ages 3 years and up.

49 C 57299- Shpg.


l lbs.. .$8.99

S and 6.

!5£!tpyourmini cars organized with Roadmates•

fM[Ying cases. Vehicle cases have rigid vinyl plastic

trays and moldedplastic handles. Store all types ofmini–

cars. Cars not included.


48-car Case measures 13* x3%x10 inches high.

49 C S6501- Shpg. wt. l lbs. l oz. ..$5.99


71-car Case measures 18'Ux3'Ax10 inches high.

49 C 56505-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.. .$9.99