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These electronic animal pals are

a breed apart


one talks, one moves

and the others do both!


Wow! What a bear/


loves to listen and


"small talk" .


so he's an ideal

companion for little folks. Upon hearing your child's

voice, this electronically programmed 15-in. high

acrylic-covered plush bear will analyze his or her

voice pattern and respond in "bear talk" that's

suitable for the occasion. He shuts offautomatically.

Requires one 9-volt battery, sold separately on page

459. Warranted by Axion: Write for a free copy, see

page 335. Ages 3 years and up.

49 C 40028- Honey-color

49 C 40027-White




lb. 8oz. . .$29.99

2 and 3.

The excitement never ends when you bring

these space-age electronic cats into your home. Kids

and adults alike will marvel at the way these furry

acrylic-covered Petsters"' respond to sharp voice

commands. ot only will they behave in an

appropriate manner, they'll respond with a "purr,"

"meow" or "meeoooow," letting you know just

what's on their mind. Warranted by Axion: Write for a

free copy, see pg. 335. For ages 3 years and up.


The Deluxe Petster cat can be programmed to

respond to any number of voice commands and cues

thanks to his bump and sound sensors. He's built

tough to withstand an occasional tumble.


you want

to take him out, his detachable electronic "leash"

makes him more manageable on strolls. Cat is 8x12

inches in diameter, has a wagging tail. Requires


"0 "

batteries, sold on pg. 459.

49C 40034-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs . . .$59.99


Petster"'Jr. is programmed to respond to 5 cues.

Cat can come when called, across a room. 6x8J;

inches in diameter. Requires 4 "C" batteries, sold

separately on pg. 459.

49 C 40032-5hpg.


2 lbs . .. $39.99


The Petster"" pyppy operates by remote control.

This little fellow has a tail that wags, and can go

forward or in reverse. Plush acrylic-cover.

6x8 inches in diameter. Warranted by Axion: Write for

a free copy, see pg. 335. Requires four

"AA "


and two 9-vo/t batteries, sold separately on page 459.

For ages 4 years and up.

49C40036-Shpg. wt. 1lb8 oz. . .$19.99

Adopt a Pound Puppy

5 thru 8.

Cushy. cotton velour-covered P.!!Pi

were meant to be hugged. 18 in. long. Includes a

collar, puppy rare book andpackage that doubles as a

carrying case. For ages 3 years and up.



7. 49C40015-Hound


49 C 40014-Bulldog


49 C 40016-Spaniel

Shpg. wt. 21bs. 10oz...$19.99

9 thru


Pound P.!!PPY&arments are polyester, cotton.


49 C 40017- Rain gear


49 C 40018-Hooded T-shirt


49 C 40019-Snuggle jacket

Shipping weight 12 ounces . . .$4.99

This amazing Deluxe Petster"' cat

can be programmed to respond

both physically and verbally

to an endless number of

voice commands and cues

Plush dolls and stuffed animals are fun to feel and

provide children w ith the opportunity to interact

with their environment. See more about

Toys ·n Kids, following the index in this catalog.