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Item (2)

1 and


Huggable Clo-Worm and musical Clo-Worm slimmer with

f!2ppiness when you


their tummies.



outer fabric with polypropylene fill


non-toxic painted-on faces.

Back zipper hides child-proof battery pack. Each require 2 " C"

batteries, sold on page 459. 13!7 inches high. Imported.

For ages newborn to




Musical Clo-Worm, ready for


in his nightshirt and cap,

plays a lullabye when children hug him.

49C 47488-Shipping weight 1pound..




Clo-Worm, a special, huggable friend.

49 C 47477-Shipping weight 1pound..



3 thru 6.

More fun Clo-Worm friends to brighten children's lives.

High impact plastic.


Turn the handle and hear a tune, then

POP! The Clo-Worm apfJ!t.ars with a smile.

Clo-Worm is pictured on side panels. 5


inches high, pops open to 9 inches high.

For ages 1


to 4 years.

49C47081-Wt. 1 lb. 9oz... $6.99


Watch baby's eyes light up with the

Clo-Worm Wishing Well. This crib or

playpen toy plays soothing music when its

basket is pulled down. As music plays,

Clo-Baby winds his way up the basket as

Clo-Bug rocks back and forth. Attaches to

crib with strap, incl. No batteries needed.

Approximately 8 in. high,


in. wide.

For ages newborn and up.

49C47085-Wt. 1 lb. 1oz... $6.99


The Clo-Worm "Stack and Clow" toy

makes learning fun. When toddler stacks

the four graduated rings in the proper

order and puts on Clo-Worm's head, the

head lights up- and so will toddler's eyes!

Bulb incl. Requires 2

"AA "

batteries, sold

sep. on page 459. Overall assembled ht. 8

in. For ages 1 to 4 yrs.

49 C 47082- Shpg. wt. 13 oz.




Toddlers will love winding up the

Clo-Worm Crawler and following him as

he wiggles across the floor. Clo-Worm's

smiling face and wiggly movement are

sure keys to achild's amusement. 7 inches

long. For ages 2 to 5 years.

49 C 47083-Shpg.


13 oz..