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Blaze new trails on the Kawasaki

KL T 250 prairie bike. Extra large

wheels, front and rear, challenge even

the toughest terrain. Bike makes

"clicking" motor sound when

pedalled. Plastic body and steel pedal

rods. Seat is 12 in. high. 27Vzx23x20Vz

in. high. Partly assembled.

For ages 2 to 5 years.

49C B6029L-Wt. 12 lbs . .




ew at Sears!

This fire fighter's

truck is ready for the rescue. Enjoy all

the thrills of a real hook-and-ladder



call on the simulated CB radio

andstate yourplan ofaction. With two

removable ladders. Handsome,

chrome-plated fire bell and handrails.

Plastic body with 7-in. wheels.

Adjustable nylon-bearing pedal

mechanism and sturdy undercarriage.

35x 1B in. wide. Partly assembled. For

ages 2 to 5 years.

49C86033L-Wt. 19/bs .

. .



New at Sears!

lust drive this

Barbie™ Corvette and listen to the

cheers! With lots of details like a real

Corvette-even simulated gauges on

the dashboard plus Barbie graphics,

too. Plastic body and 7-in. wide-track

wheels. Steel frame and pedal

mechanism with nylon bearings. 40x 18

in. wide, seat is


in. high. Partly

assembled. For ages 2 to 5 years.

49 C 86034L - Wt. 16 lbs ..




New at Sears!

Conquer the hills

and roug!J....ground with the


TX 4x4.

Quad 10-in. knobby tires deliver

traction for exciting dirt-bike fun.

Waffle handgrips on the

chrome-plated steel handlebars.

Simulated headlight adds authentic

looks. Steel steering system and frame,

plastic body. Enclosed nylon-bearing

chain drive mechanism. 39x25x24 in.

high. Seat is 14 in. high.

For ages 2 to 5 years.

49 C 86043L-Wt. 20 lbs .




You're winning the race in your

Q[jght red Jaguar! Look in the rear view

mirror and see all the other cars far

behind. This beautifulcar will take you

wherever your imagination wants to

go. Plastic body with steel chassis and

rods. Adjustable pedal rods. Seat is


inches high.


18Vzx 17inches high.

Partly assembled; instructions


For ages 3 to



49 C 86024L- Wt. 16 lbs ..



When you can 't get home

for Christmas. send Chnstmas home

with Ship-a-Gift


see page 338